Thorn Pantheon

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When Kheizget joined Thorn, he taught the group about the gods worshipped by his people. Tanador eventually began to pay homage to Lasadulu.

Greater Deities[edit]

  • En’edoomshkadii – god of sun, sky, mercy, benevolence, father, “He Who Watches”, the Planner
  • Shuushush – goddess of the moon, time keeping, the mending of broken or wronged things or events, healing, mothering
  • Victuldek-Tuloomsh – god (greater) of death, winter, caves, mysteries, irony, self-sacrifice. Victul is also one of the patrons of the magics.

Median Deities[edit]

  • Bikeshk – god of meddling, mischief, distraction.
  • Dekl’udgek – god of passion, jealousy, envy, revenge, sexuality, lust.
  • En’epul – god of just vengeance, patron of the traveler or those who seek.
  • Kekeluhud – goddess of chaos and flights of fancy.
  • Khuldekguh – god of War and Destruction.
  • The triplets
    • Guh’shelluh – god of knowledge, understanding, languages, mechanics
    • Dru’oomsh’uhlgo – god (median) of wisdom, the sea, neutrality, reservation, contemplation
    • Ediitulas – goddess of beauty, poetry and fertility

Lesser Deities[edit]

  • En’ehladii – goddess of precision and excellence, craftsmen and artists, those striving for perfection
  • En’sheksel – god of luck and fortune, patron of fine dining and living.
  • Lasadulu – goddess of music and traveling homeward, patron of good deeds.


  • Meses’duk – god of messages, scouts, news and omens.