Sylvan Crucible

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The Sylvan Crucible is a proving ground for new lunars in the eastern forests about 500 miles east of the confluence of the Sandy and Maruto rivers. Run by Korlysto, this camp indoctrinates newly exalted lunars into the ways of the Silver Pact and supervises their trials and caste fixing.

The Crucible is a large lunar manse (●●●●●) consisiting of a number of marble walkways meandering through a system of tropical and deciduous trees, natural pools and occasional structures. Most of these structures have only geomantic purpose, such as circles of marble pillars and stairways that lead into pools or up into thin air. All paths eventually lead to a central courtyard, around which are a massive feasting hall, a shrine of sorts and a defensible tower containing the hearth.

Lunars tend to come and go from the crucible at will, using it as a central hub for meeting with their own kind in the east, exchanging stories and information. Animal life teems in trees and on the ground, and a number of beastmen call the area home. The manse is staffed with a number of deer-men who are thought to be offspring of Korlysto, who holds the manse's hearthstone.