Sword of Truth

From DivNull RPG

Created long ago to destroy arcane magic users, this intelligent longsword became cursed, turning into the Sword of Lies, and was incarcerated in the Banewarrens. It remains dedicated to destroying arcane spellcasters, however. Should the evil curse on this blade can be removed by powerful caster, it will return to its original alignment and abilities, listed here.

Whoever bonds themselves to this sword gains the following abilities:

Mage Bane[edit]

When you hack and slash a monster with the magical and intelligent tags, take +2 and your damage dice becomes a d12.

Spell Resistance[edit]

When you are targeted by an unwanted spell, roll+bond. On a 10+, the spell is prevented entirely. On a 7-9, the spell is cast but does not effect you.

True Sight[edit]

When you hold the sword, you see all things as they truly are, and can tell when someone is speaking truthfully. If you tell a lie, this power stops working until you next make camp.