Shade Urn

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These ten foot tall urns consist of a series of jade plates supported by a soulsteel framework. They are highly sought after, especially in Chiaroscuro, but their reliance on underworld forging techniques makes them extremely hard to come by. Those that have been made have relied on very good relations with powerful ancestor ghosts to acquire the metal frame. These urns may only be powered by a manse, and must reside in one of the key rooms of the manse to be effective. If used in an elementally aspected manse, the jade used must match the aspect. When first placed, an hour long ritual (Intelligence + Lore (1)) must be held at midnight to attune the urn to the manse. While the soulsteel provides the connection to the dead needed to make the device work, its power comes from its connection (through jade) to Creation. As such, this device does not function in a shadowland or in the Underworld. The urn weighs several hundred pounds, but if removed from the room it is in, loses its attunement.

When activated, anyone attuned to the manse may use any of the following effects while within 500 yards of the manse’s hearth:

  • Cause the manse to emanate a empathic message that will be felt by all passing ghosts until consciously turned off. This message is conveyed emotionally, so must be very simple. Usually, “go away” is the feeling chosen. All hungry ghosts obey this feeling without question. Ghosts with essence equal to or greater than the rating of the manse may resist the feeling by making a willpower test each minute.
  • Grant a specific ghost within line of sight immunity to the empathic message. Any number of ghosts may be so immunized, but each requires a die action be spent. If the empathic message is changed, all immunizations are cancelled and must be applied again.
  • Command any ghost within line of sight. This effect is powered by the manse, only affects ghosts, can only be used on one ghost at a time and has no prerequisites, but otherwise functions as if using the abyssal charm Command the Dead (abys.179). The power of the manse may control a number of ghosts equal to 10 times its rating. Any attuned user attempting to use the power after this limit is reach automatically fails the control attempt. Control fades from any ghost who moves more than 1000 yards from the manse’s hearth. though no ghost being controlled will go that far willingly.
  • Spend a simple action to get an idea of how many hungry ghosts are in the vicinity. This effect is powered by the manse, but otherwise works like the arcanos Taste the Demon Wind (abys.242).
  • While concentrating (-1 die penalty), see dematerialized ghosts (but not other spirits).
  • Attack a dematerialized ghost. This effect is powered by the manse, only affects ghosts and may not be used in combination with other charms, but otherwise works as the solar charm Spirit-Cutting Attack (192).
  • By concentrating (-1 die penalty), understand the language of nearby ghosts, and be understood by them. This effect is powered by the manse and only affects ghosts, but otherwise works as the terrestrial charm Thousand Tongues Meditation (db.177).
  • By spending a point of Willpower, gain a vision of a ghost within line of sight. This vision is either of the ghosts death or of its strongest passion. The vision only lasts several seconds of real time, but may subjectively seem like it lasted much longer. Any attempt to control a ghost targeted by this effect gains a number of automatic successes equal to the caster’s Essence.
  • Spend an action to make yourself or a living target invisible to hungry ghosts. This effect is powered by the manse, can affect any single target in the line of sight, and only lasts while the target is within 500 yards of the manse’s hearth, but otherwise works like the arcanos Diversion of the Savage Hunter (abys.243).


One of these was discovered, and left, in Velvet Savor Vineyard.

Game Information[edit]

Summary: Manse powered ghost manipulator
Rating: ●●●●●
Commitment: 0
Repair: ●●
  Power: ●●●●●
  Usefulness: ●●
  Game Impact:
  Script Immunity: ●●
  Drawback – Essence:  
  Drawback – Component: ●●●
  Drawback – Notoriety: ●●●