Sermon at the Gate

From DivNull RPG

Abstract: Cruxis’ speech takes an unexpected turn.

Dramatic Purpose: Plot exposition

Setting: In cliffs outside of Yane

Order: Sometime after Locating the Startmetal Manse

Principals: a cult of the Five Maidens, the Maiden of Endings.

Specifics: Cruxis and Gutts drop into the ritual on the day that the gate opens. Using the boots and the visual effect of his cape, Gutts says “Yo! Let me tell you about the true god!” to the gathered crowd of Maiden worshippers. He then shoves Cruxis forward whispering “you’re on!”. As he starts to talk, he fires up some social charms, then says, smiling, “The stars shine brightly tonight, don’t they? But they are so easily obscured” he fires up is anima full blast “by the light of the Unconquered Sun.” But then his voice catches, and his eyes blaze purple. He looks skyward, and a purple mist flows out of his mouth, floating up to about 100 feet above the crowd, where it forms into the symbol of Saturn in a bright flash of violet light that snuffs out the solar anima.

Cruxis, meanwhile, has been transforming, into a woman. He becomes about 8 feet tall, glowing violet. Most of the crowd falls to their knees. Some weep. PCs need to make Valor tests to avoid doing the same. Her voice booms:

“You’re prayers have been heard, my children. You have sacrificed to me and my sisters, but it is I who claim you now as my own. You have spent your whole lives guided by the stars. This makes you wiser than the rest. But this time, like things, is ending. Very soon, the stars will be no more, and this time will end.” The crowd murmurs and exclaims. “But be not afraid. Ending is natural, and each ending is also a new beginning. You must prepare for this new beginning, but I ask even more. You must prepare others for this ending, and what will follow.” Hundreds of lights explode from her hand, and each one seeks out one of the worshippers, hitting them in the chest and making their eyes glow briefly. Many are knocked over, all of them are stunned. One or two even die.

“Go now from this place, and never return. Neither will you go to your homes. Scatter, to all the ends of Creation. Tell the people that the end is coming. Many will not believe you, but do not dispair. For I am with you, and you will find those who will listen and prepare.” She begins to glow very brightly and hot, to the point that it actually becomes frightening. The mortals start to disperse, then flee.

When gone, maybe she talks to the PCs?

A warning to “the 102nd” that some relations thought ended are not, and his lover will return, but betrothed to another.

A warning to Regret?

Later, Cruxis will tell the group that he recognizes Saturn’s perfume as the same as Shaylai, the woman he “distracted” back in Nexus. He feels like she somehow used their contact as a way to possess him. “It’s like she planted a seed in me way back then.”

Aspects: The Stars Are Right, Holy Ground