Righteous Judgement

From DivNull RPG

Abstract: Blossom gets what’s coming to him.

Dramatic Purpose: Action. Discover lost abyssal. Start to involve circle in politics.

Setting: A large storage area, secured by an airlock. Main room converted to makeshift field barracks/HQ.

Order: After shadowland discovered

Principals: Excessively Righteous Blossom, Golden Venna Boar-Rider, 12 infantryman

Specifics: A close quarters fight, with lots of cover, shelving, and opportunity for a mess.

Excessively Righteous Blossom will not care at all for his men, but will take Venna into account. He will still be in full combat mode, so his stealth modules will not be activated. In combat, Blossom will:

  • Have spent 15 motes to activate Joy in Adversity Stance, Flight of Mercury and Violet Bier of Sorrows form.
  • Adds +5 to initiative each round (and additional 11 to first round).
  • Roll three dice for every successful parry, regaining 2 motes per success.
  • Ping damage is 5 min.
  • On damaging attack, drain point of a virtue in target. Will target Valor, for use with soul gas.
  • 12m every three rounds, to add six Dex dice for the duration.
  • 1 Willpower per turn for Combo:
    • If attacked:
      • 2 motes: Buy a fully-pool defense, preferably a parry. Roll for motes if successful.
      • 1 mote: Empower the Electrification Onslaught Dynamo to do 1L damage to attacker. Use more if they are lightly armored, none if they have hardness.
    • On attacks:
      • 1 mote: Empower the Electrification Onslaught Dynamo to do 1L damage to attacker. Use more if they are lightly armored, none if they have hardness.
      • 2 motes, if the target has really good defenses: add 2 accuracy dice (un-capped). This should make the pool at least 19 (Dex 6 + MA 5 + anima dice 6 + accuracy dice 2)
      • 2 motes, if it might matter: reduce the armor soak of a target by 4.
      • 3 motes, if it might matter: increase strength by 6 (Alloyed Reinforcement of Flesh cuts the normal cost of 6m in half). These latter two combined can essentially get past 10 points of soak. But since ping is likely to be 5 anyway, on average this will only help if attack_pool/2 + base_damage – soak > 5.
    • x motes: spew smoke at any time 3x yards:
      • Vision penalty
      • Knockout gas: Stamina + Resistance (1, 2 for mortals). Failure = unconscious for 30 – (Stamina + Resistance) minutes.
      • Tear gas and nerve gas: don’t bother
      • Soul gas: Stamina + Resistance (1, 4 for mortals). Failure = -1 to Virtues other than Compassion and must make Valor (2) check or flee in fear. Once out of the gas, can spend Willpower to make another check.

Golden Venna Boar-Rider cares even less for the men (several of whom she has been feeding on). She will stay far enough away from Blossom to avoid his smoke, but near enough to be of assistance. At first she will seem to be a terrestrial. She will:

  • Have spent 5m, 1wp to activate Eye of the Tempest.
  • Parries with full pool.
  • Can activate reflexive charms without a combo. Will almost always use:
    • 1m: Roll die for die of pre-soak damage inflicted restore to restore motes (max Essence).
    • 1m: On successful parry, additional successes counterattack and cannot be avoided without magic.
    • 6m: Perfect dodge.
    • 2m: Reduce pool for attack against herself by Dodge + Essence (8) dice.
    • 2m: On successful dodge, move normal walking rate.
    • 4m: Redirect incoming attack on Dexterity + Dodge (4).
  • Will usually just smash something with weapon (using Dragon Graced Weapon), but has an assortment of Simple charms, including area effects.

Infantry will try to use crossbows from cover, once it becomes clear that they’re not going to stand toe-to-toe with the exalted.

During combat:

  • Circle may notice silver coating on Blossom’s arms that helps absorb blows.
  • Stag may recognize Blossom’s style.
  • Guen may notice that Blossom’s amulet says “Ten Stripes” in lunar scratch.
  • Juuken may recognize abyssal magic being used through essence sight.
  • Venna will blow her cover as a terrestrial be showing an abyssal anima, a black/purple owl with flawless plumage and green fiery eyes. Cruxis or Regret will recognize this as the same anima as Meticulous Owl.


Those with essence sight might see the abyssal soul shard fly out of the room (back to shadowland). Might notice fang scars on several of the mortal soldiers.

Trophy from Ten Stripes: Moonsilver amulet, with two hearthstones for eyes. As hearthstone amulet, but attuned hearthstones if two stones are present, respiration increases by two. Also, can “see” as if a tiger prowling attuned manses. 2m attunement.

In side room, a semi-portable vat for Blossom, with additional alchemical charms.