Ptolus Front: The Sword of Lies

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A Dungeon World front for Dissolution.

During their sortie into the Banewarrens, the Unlikely Six emerged with the Sword of Lies, a weapon that not only played a key role in the persecution of arcane casters at the hands of religion, but also now suffers from a curse. Note that the sword itself will act much differently should the curse on it be lifted, but the other dangers probably will not.


Sword of Lies[edit]

Type: sentient (and cursed) weapon

Impulse: to destroy arcane casters

Grim Portents:

Impending Doom:

The Church of Lothian[edit]

Type: religious organisation

Impulse: to follow doctrine

Grim Portents:

  • Priest discovers the Sword of Lies is no longer in the Banewarrens
  • Priest dominated by the sword of lies
  • Priest drives church (or faction within) to enforce the Edicts of Deviltry again

Impending Doom:

The Inverted Pyramid[edit]

Type: cabal

Impulse: to advance knowledge

Grim Portents:

  • Adept discovers the sword of lies is no longer in the Banewarrens
  • Inverted Pyramid destroys the sword of lies
  • Priest drives church (or faction within) to enforce the Edicts of Deviltry again

Impending Doom:


  • The Unlikely Six
  • specific priest
  • specific adept


Custom Moves[edit]

Sword of Lies (and Truth)[edit]

Bonding to the sword of lies[edit]

When the sword of lies agrees to be wielded by you, you gain access to it’s gear moves. It gains 10 points of “ego” against you. If you are an arcane caster, it gains an additional 3 ego against you.

GM Move: displeasing the sword[edit]

When the character is gaining some benefit from the sword, on a miss, consider one of the following:

  • Reveal an unwelcome truth: the sword’s influence over the character grows (sword gains a point of ego).
  • Use up their resources: the sword refuses to use some or all of its abilities unless a demand is met.

Pleasing the sword[edit]

When you destroy an arcane caster or powerful arcane item, the sword loses a point of ego against you. It’s ego can drop no lower than 10.


When the sword’s ego against you exceeds your Charisma score, the sword dominates you. You retain access to all your moves, but the must play as if the sword is calling the shots. You cannot gain XP from being true to your alignment, but rather by being true to the sword’s impulse.