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  • A high fantasy campaign world.
  • System agnostic
  • Creative commons license.

Design Principles

  • Defy the standards
  • More real world science
  • Magic as evolutionary force
  • History from creation of planet through ages
  • Non-responsive gods
  • No cycle of titans usurped by gods, etc.
  • Non-christian-like monotheism
    • A prophet that sounds a bit Jesus-like, but really evil
    • Reaction against monotheism because of this
  • No standard races
  • Elemental races, enslaved by others
    • Rebellions and such because of this
  • Prophesy important and real
    • Oracle of delphi like
  • Many lost cultures, but no "declining empire"
  • Heroes can rise to significant power, and alter history
  • Logical consequences of magic.
    • Magically conjured materials


  • Continent or region suffering a zombie plague
    • Sealed off by Curtain
    • Inside, all life consumed.
    • Uninfected have to make radical changes to survive when food runs out.
    • Possibly using elemental slaves for sustenance
    • Become undead by choice
    • Over centuries, zombies disintegrate.
    • Locals find cause and cure for plague, but can't penetrate Curtain.
  • Continent basically abandoned to magic beasts
    • Sort of a "Lost World" type area, with significant attempts to prevent entry.
    • Once site of magically advanced race.
    • Some civilization on coastline at strategic points.
    • Probably a force needed to keep aquatic creatures from "escaping".


  • Very limited metal. Most weapons and armor use either enchanted stone or "resin" a plastic-like material excreted by some sort of beast that is "farmed" in most parts of civilization.
  • During planet formation, two smaller planets that fused in some type of wild magic catastrophe.
  • Nemesis