Oreni Erthuo

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Oreni is an elf fighter/sorcerer in the Dissolution campaign, played by Liz.


Oreni wants make it to the top. He aspires to move up in society so that he can someday change society. In other words he might abide by a law that he doesn’t agree with so that someday he can be in a position to rewrite that law. He has the poise and elegance of his noble family. He can easily attend a gathering of high class important townsfolk, but he is just as likely to buy lunch for a homeless child when people are not looking. Essentially he is a nice person who realizes that he may have play some hardball in order to someday help better his society.


Fairly tall for a Shoal elf, Oreni has white hair and dark eyes.



Oreni is a member of House Erthuo but he disagrees with the family’s stance of staying out of things. This is due to an encounter with a human child in the market place while his family was doing business there. This child was very clearly abused and beaten on a regular basis. Although he told his parents they told him that it was not their concern. Since then Oreni has believed that turning your eyes away from evil doings doesn’t make them go away. He knows that the child he met wound up beaten to death several months later. It made a small headline in the papers.

As a guildsman in the Delver’s Guild, Oreni has access to guild information, library, maproom and waystations. He also gains a 10% discount at Ebbert’s Outfitters.

Although not officially a member, Oreni has a number of contacts in the Sage’s Guild and occasionally visits their headquarters as a guest.


Some of the people Oreni knows knows are:

  • Cordelia Erthuo, Oreni’s grandmother, was obsessed with increasing the purity of elvish blood within House Erthuo. Although she was human herself, she married an elf and gave birth to five half-elf children. Some in the house whisper that she gave birth to at least three human children as well, but had them killed shortly after they were born. Though now dead, Corelia’s will was set up to provide financial incentives for her children to marry elves, which Oreni’s father Otan did.
  • Otan Erthuo never particularly liked the elven part of his blood, perhaps a reaction against his mother’s zeal for their culture, but married a full elf anyway. There is very little secret within the family that he married for money, both from his inheritance and his bride, while his bride married him to ally her own family with House Erthuo. Otan spends most of his time in the gambling dens and brothels of Oldtown.
  • Soledad Erthuo, Oreni’s sister is his main point of contact with his family. While she has the same elf mother and half-elf father that Oreni does, unlike Oreni she was born with only half-elven blood, a source of disappointment to their parents. Keeping with their “you must make your own way” style of child-rearing, her parents provided even less help to her than they gave to Oreni. She has taken a number of jobs to further fund her studies as a wizard. She is a barmaid in the Pointy Hat, an Oldtown bar catering to arcane clientèle. Recently, she became one of the performers at the Shadow Theater, an Oldtown theater that tells stories with magically generated shadows and effects.
  • Zaria Silmarwen Ertho, born into a rich family in the city of Phinothae, Zaria was sent to Ptolus to cement an alliance with an equally prominent family there. She eventually settled on House Erthuo, as its neutral stance would prevent the Silmarwen family from getting pulled into Ptolus politics. She married Otan Erthuo largely out of convenience, but has proven to be a solid asset to the Erthuo family, moreso than her husband. Her strong desire for the house to remain out of politics cause a great deal of friction with Oreni, and they rarely talk. Zaria owns and resides in one of the best houses in the Emerald Hill section of Midtown.
  • Dulson Faber, one of the city’s better known sages, lives in the Rivergate District, in a house known as the “Three-Horned Goat”, after a sign that hangs over the door. Oreni had a polite, if not exactly cordial, dinner with Faber, his wife Rose and their three children in the house, after tracking down a book of Faber’s that went missing. Oreni isn’t exactly sure who stole the book originally, but suspects Rose might have secretly sold it for extra money.
  • Hirus & Sholum Feek run the Bull and Bear Armory in Delver’s Square. They forged Oreni’s rapier and consider him a good customer. Their clerk, sixteen-year-old Iltumar Shon idolizes all the “real” adventurers that come into the shop, including Oreni.
  • Alninai Silvertree is personal assistant to Doraedian Mythlord, a powerful cleric who runs Iridithil’s Home, an elves-only retreat/resort/temple in Emerald Hill. Alninai manages the Wind’s Mystery, the main inn and pub in the resort. Oreni does not know her well, but she went out of her way to be nice to him when, as an adolescent, he was dragged to the resort for a week by his mother. At the time Oreni had a bit of a crush on her.
  • Therad Stone, a human sage, provided one of the few sympathetic ears for Ornei’s disagreements with his family’s neutrality. A common guest at Erthuo parties, Therad can talk at length on many subjects. As a pure researcher, Therad occasionally asks Oreni to do some footwork for him. Therad often visits the Sage’s Guildhall in Oldtown, but lives in a private home in the Nobles’ Quarter. Therad cannot work magic, but taught Oreni much of what he knows of sorcery.
  • Myraeth Tuneweaver, a male shoal elf runs Myraeth’s Oddities in Delver Square, the place to buy and sell second hand magic items in Ptolus (although not weapons and armor, nor any newly created items). He is extremely popular with adventurers and knows most of them by name. His inventory changes constantly.
  • Ireale Tesimal, a half-elf, is one of Oreni’s neighbors. Something of a busybody, Oreni does not know her that well, but she constantly is trying to set him up with one of her daughters. It was Ireale that informed Oreni about Kellisan Faymar and his ogres.


  • Gerris Hin, now dead, is one of the most famous sages who ever lived. His studies documented the existence of a buried city beneath the current city of Ptolus that was built thousands of years ago.
  • Some sort of deal or negotiation may be going on between Oreni’s family and House Sadar, based on rumors Soledad heard in the Shadow Theater.
  • At least one of the members of the Sage’s Guild is member of the Inverted Pyramid, a secretive group guild of powerful spellcasters originally made famous by its clashes with the Church of Lothian. Now that the Church has softened its stance against magic, antagonism between them has cooled. The guild is thought to take its name from an inverted pyramid floating over Oldtown, though since this building is invisible, few know where it is.
  • The sages Oreni knows occasionally mention rumors of an “ice madness” in Midtown. A number of mid- to high-power wizards and sorcerers are said to be succumbing to a strange madness that grips them with the need to become colder and colder. Ultimately they kill themselves with spells of cold and ice.
  • Though some claim the Dreaming Apothecary is a myth, Oreni knows it exists, selling magic items made to order. Therad Stone has sent Oreni to Danbury’s in Delvers Square to get a special token that Therad somehow used to contact them to commission a wand.

Future Advancement[edit]

Current: Sorcerer 12
Most Recent Level: Sorcerer

Next effective character level (ECL) is 13. Some possibilities for your next level choice:

All characters gain a feat every two levels. His next such feat will come at CL 13. Some of the feats you have the prerequisites for are (there are, of course, others):

  • Spell Penetration: +2 to checks to overcome spell resistance.
  • Precise Shot: Make ranged attacks (or ranged touch spells) into melee without gaining normal -4 penalty. Requires Point-Blank Shot feat.
  • Quick Draw: Allows you to draw a weapon (or wand, or potion, or scroll) as a free action instead of a move action.
  • Spell Focus (Evocation): Add +1 to the DC targets need to save against for spells like lightning bolt.
  • Great Fortitude: Adds +2 to your Fortitude saves

Oreni will now have a bit of money. Being both a fighter and a sorcerer, both gear and magic will drain your funds. Some possibilities:

  • Get a metamagical rod of empower, which lets you empower spells without using higher level spell slots.
  • A higher rated headband of alluring charisma.
  • Oreni can use scrolls of any spells on the Sorcerer spell list, so picking up some of these would expand his spell repertoire. He can use other scrolls with a successful Use Magic Device check.
  • Similarly, he can use wands containing any spells on the Sorcerer spell list. He can use other wands with a successful Use Magic Device check.