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As the flash washes over you, you feel a slight burning sensation inside your heart. You hear your own voice inside your head, saying: “You have been selected for a task of great importance by the Great Maker. He offers you this mark on your heart to aid you, but this mark cannot be forced. Accept it now and be part of the Maker’s Design forever more, or deny it now to make your way without His divine aid.” As you decide what to do, you instinctively know what this mark will do. Read its effects below, and decide if you want to accept this mark or not.

The mark is considered to be an insubstantial artifact, with no commitment cost. Once accepted, it is a permanent change to the character and cannot be transferred. It is normally invisible to the naked eye, but under some conditions, it will appear on your chest as a series of spectral gears, in colors matching your anima. The conditions where it can be seen are:

  • Any time your caste mark shows, Autochthon’s mark is equally visible.
  • Essence sight of any kind can perceive the mark on a Perception + Occult (5) roll.
  • Alchemical exalted will notice the mark on a Perception + Occult (2) roll.
  • Spirits of Autochthonia will notice the mark automatically.
  • You can spend 2 motes to make the mark obvious to any onlookers.

The mark provides the following abilities:

Will of Autochthon: You gain an additional Nature of “Implement”. This allows you to make an immediate check for regaining Willpower any time you accomplish a goal significant to Autochthon’s plans. You will get this check whether you know Autochthon’s plans or not. Your normal Nature continues to work as normal.

Emissary of the Maker: Any entity native to Autochthonia (mortal, spirit, alchemical) who sees your mark immediately knows its significance, and will consider you to be highly connected to the Machine God. This will generally result in a highly favorable reaction. Older gods in Creation may also recognize the mark.

Five-Fold Synchronicity: All five of the magical materials are now considered your “favored” material; you no longer need to commit double the motes to attune to non-favored materials. If you have particular abilities that work specifically on your favored material, they expand to work on all five materials. (For example, various shapeshifting rules interact specifically with moonsilver; these now interact with all five metals.)

Deep Resonance: You cut all training times in half.

Opening the Mind’s Eye: You gain six points of specialties, distributed however you like (though, as normal, any given Ability can have no more than three points of specialties). Alternately, you may spend these points to buy Sciences, where a new level costs as many points as it has dots (e.g. if you have a Science at three dots and want to move it to four dots, it will costs four of these “specialty” points). Also, you may name an additional Ability as a favored ability.

Soul in the Machine: Your connection to Autochthon deepens your connection to your own nature, providing abilities based on your exalted type:

  • The solar connection to versatility deepens, providing the ability to create Combos instantaneously. You must still pay their xp cost, but learning a new Combo takes no training time at all. In addition, Combos cost two fewer xp.
  • The lunar connection to form expands to take in the elements that make up creation. Lunars who taste the heart’s blood of elementals of either Creation (air, earth, fire, water, wood) or Autochthonia (crystal, lightning, metal, oil, smoke, steam) may add the elemental’s form to their shapeshifting library. Shifting info such forms costs six motes.
  • The sidereal connection to the Perfected Lotus expands, providing the ability to any martial arts charms without an instructor, including sidereal martial arts, form charms, immaculate charms and pinnacle charms. Further, costs of celestial martial arts charms are reduced by one. Costs of terrestrial martial arts charms are reduced by two.


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Summary: A magical mark over the heart, marking you as selected by Autochthon
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