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The Malady is an ancient necromantic disease that, until recently, was locked up in the Banewarrens. Now that it has been released, it threatens to consume the world. When infected with the Malady, a victim becomes nearly mindless, with a constant need to feed on the flesh of the living. Though this doesn’t technically kill the victim (it is closer to a form of possession), mechanically the infected are treated as undead in every way. Each of them can also easily spread the disease to others, quickly creating massive hordes of infected.

Bite of the Infected[edit]

When you take damage from someone infected with the Malady, you become infected as well.

Infection Spreads[edit]

When you are infected with the Malady, each hour roll+CON. On a 10+ nothing happens. On a 7-9, temporarily loose a point of Constitution (and associated HP). On a miss, temporarily loose 1d3+1 points of Constitution (and associated HP). If your Constitution hits zero, you die. If you die while infected, you soon rise as a zombie.