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The Archer is a discipline for Fourth World, a "drift" of Dungeon World for playing in the setting of Earthdawn. This text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Several PDF versions of this playbook can be downloaded from the Fourth World 1.5 page.


Damage Die: d10
Favored Stats: dex, wis
Load: 12
HP: 10+Constitution


Gaze: distant, attentive, staring
Appearance: calloused, tanned, decorated
Accoutrement: hooded, reserved, elegant
Body: graceful, compact, built


Dwarf: You may defend an ally from a distance, rolling + DEX instead of + CON . You may only redirect an attack to yourself if it could reach you.

Elf: When you successfully discern realities during combat, you may ask an additional question.

Human: When a defending ally spends one or more readiness against an attacker, take +1 forward against that target.

Ork: Once per battle you may reroll a single damage roll (yours or someone else’s).

Troll: When you select enhancements for your expressive style, you may choose to add the forceful tag.

T’Skrang: You ignore the circle requirement for the trick shot talent and take +1 when you use it.

Windling (astral sight): When you volley on a 7–9, you may choose to take −1 forward to your next volley instead of the listed choices.


Select 2 flags.

Starting Moves

Called Shot

When you attack someone from a distance and they don’t see it coming , you can choose to deal your damage or roll+ DEX . On a hit deal your damage and choose one. On a 10+ , also choose another. You may spend karma to make one additional choice, even on a miss.

  • Deal +1d4 damage.
  • They drop what they are holding. If this is a weapon, they do half damage until they are rearmed.
  • Hobble their movement.
  • Stun them into total inaction for a few moments.
  • Strike a weak spot, ignoring their armor.

Expressive Style

When you hold your favorite ranged weapon , you channel magic through it in your unique way, altering the weapon to express your soul and technique. Choose whether you express magic using:

☐ bows
☐ crossbows
☐ thrown weapons
☐ blowguns
Choose two enhancements which apply to any weapon of that type when you use it (and disappear when you don’t). Your magic…

☐ …directs your shots to exposed spots: +2 piercing.
☐ …expresses your vendetta: when volleying at a specific type of creature (your choice), take +1.
☐ …speeds your cycle: ignore reload .
☐ …directs your shots to vulnerable spots: +1 damage.
☐ …lightens the weapon: −1 weight.
☐ …braces the weapon allowing a brutal directness: Use STR to volley, not DEX .

Elusive Strike

Add the following to the hack and slash list:

  • You escape mêlée with the target, moving to near range.

Expressions of the Arc

When you create art with wood carving , take +1. If you use the result in a successful greeting ritual and the person receiving your art retains it, you may always find them using direction arrow.


You may weave threads into talents, if you meet their requirements:

☐ Blot Out the Sun

When you volley you may spend extra ammo before rolling. For each point of ammo spent you may choose an extra target. Roll once and apply damage to all targets.

☐☐ Hunter’s Mark

When you volley an enemy , your next attack against that same foe deals +1d4 damage.

Second thread (requires circle 6): When you volley an enemy, your next attack against that same foe deals +1d8 damage, instead.

☐ Improved Bow

Choose one extra enhancement for your expressive style.

☐☐ Accurate

When you deal damage with a ranged weapon , roll twice and keep the higher result.

Second thread (requires circle 6): When you deal damage with a ranged weapon, your base damage die always scores the maximum.

☐ Bow History

When you spend several hours studying a ranged weapon or ammunition for a ranged weapon, roll+ INT . On a 10+ you gain insight into the item’s past and nature. Choose three and take +2 forward to study the item further. On a 7–9 choose one and take +1 forward to study the item further.

  • Discover the item’s basic abilities (that is, abilities that may be used without weaving threads into the item).
  • Discover how many threads may be woven into the item, if any.
  • Understand exactly what must be done (and where) to learn the item’s name.
  • Discover the question that must be answered to gain the next key to the item, if any.
  • Discover if the item requires that any deeds be performed.

☐ Direction Arrow

When you need to locate someone and have a personal item representative of them, you may release a shot into the air. At the apex of the arrow or weapon’s flight, it explodes into sparks, which shape into an arrow pointing the direction to the target.

☐ Missiles and Targets

When you discern realities about a social obstacle to a goal , add the following to the questions you may ask:

  • Which tactic offers the most direct route to my goal (e.g. intimidation, bribery, cooperation, subterfuge, etc.)

☐☐ Wood skin

You gain +1 armor.

Second thread (requires circle 6): You gain +2 armor instead.

☐ Fletcher

When you spend some time reflecting on your expressive style and making arrows or bolts specifically for use with it, roll+ WIS . You create a bundle of ammunition (3 ammo, 1 weight). On a 10+ choose three. On a 7–9 choose one:

  • The ammunition is high quality: +1 ammo.
  • The ammunition is armor piercing: +2 piercing.
  • The ammunition is wicked: +1 damage.
  • The ammunition is non-lethal: deals stun damage.

☐ Trick Shot

When you make a fancy shot with your favorite ranged weapon , spend 1 ammo and roll+ DEX . On a 10+ the shot succeeds as intended (dealing damage, if appropriate). On a 7–9 the trick works, but imperfectly.

☐ Warp Wood

When you touch wood , living or dead, and concentrate you may bend and shape it as you desire. Take −1 ongoing to any other task while you do so.

☐ Arcane Shot

When you volley , you may reduce your ammo to transform the shot into magical energy once it is released. Choose one when you fire:

  • The ammunition becomes a bolt of fire, igniting anything flammable it hits.
  • The ammunition becomes a shard of ice, coating the area around its point of impact with ice.
  • The ammunition becomes insubstantial, passing through most targets, but capable of wounding creatures which are themselves insubstantial.
  • The ammunition becomes white light, marking any target it hits. This deals no damage, but any attempts to hit that target with ranged weapons take +1 for the next few minutes.
  • The ammunition becomes a sticky black goo, tangling up a hit target, or making an area it hits difficult to cross.

☐ Arrow’s View

When you fire a ranged weapon , you may choose to replace your vision by what would be seen if your eyes were on either side of the flying weapon, until the moment of the arrow’s impact.

☐ Inculcate Wood

When you touch wood , living or dead, or a vehicle, item or structure mostly made of wood, it becomes immune to fire so long as you remain in contact with it and desire it be so. Any flames burning the wood when you touch it immediately snuff out.

☐ Pinning Aim

When you intimidate someone by aiming your favorite ranged weapon directly and conspicuously at them , a subtle but obvious mark appears on them and they stop in their tracks. While you maintain your aim, you may only move slowly and they cannot move at all, unless attacked. If you decide to shoot them after a while, improve your volley result by one step.

☐ Seed of Destruction

When you volley on a 12+, you deal damage and may reduce ammo by one. If you do, the arrow grows into a vine-like wood elemental. Treat as an assassin vine converted into a follower (Quality +1, Loyalty +1, spirit ). This creature vanishes if it kills the target, the combat ends, it’s loyalty reaches -3, or you dismiss it (whichever comes first).


appropriate artisan tools (1 weight)
dungeon rations (uses: 5, ration, 1 weight)

Choose your defenses:

☐ leather armor (1 armor, worn, 1 weight)
☐ chainmail (1 armor, worn, 1 weight)
☐ scale mail (2 armor, worn, clumsy, 3 weight)

Choose your armament:

☐ fine bow (near, far, 2 weight)
☐ bundle of arrows (ammo: 3, 1 weight)
☐ crossbow (near, +1 damage, reload, 3 weight)
☐ bundle of bolts (ammo: 3, 1 weight)
☐ blowgun (near, −2 damage)
☐ blowgun needles (ammo: 5)
☐ throwing knives (thrown, near, ammo: 3)
☐ spear (reach, thrown, near, 1 weight)
☐ bola (thrown, near, entangling, 1 weight)
☐ stiletto (hand, precise, 1 piercing, 1 weight)

Choose two:

☐ 2 healing potions
☐ bundle of arrows (ammo: 3, 1 weight)
☐ bundle of bolts (ammo: 3, 1 weight)
☐ antitoxin
☐ any mount, with gm approval (beast, mount)
☐ 15 coins