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(LAH-sah-DOO-loo) In Kheizget‘s pantheon, goddess (lesser) of music and traveling homeward, patron of good deeds.


A rather beautiful young lass with fiery red hair, she is her sister’s twin, but much more yielding and loving in demeanor. Always a country lass, a young mare or a singing bird, she personifies happiness and loyalty.

Demeanor, Influence[edit]

Lasadulu is the muse to all musicians, and the inspiration to all music-makers. She is also very much the blesser of all journeys home or homeward, whether from war, a foreign land, a kidnapping, slavery, or any other condition that rips someone away from their surroundings. As such, hospitality to travelers going home is a primary concern, and many extend this service out of devotion, and not a slight bit of fear of the retribution of an angry red-head goddess!


Animal fox, mockingbird, wren, sparrow
Plant apple blossoms, honeysuckle
Man-made harp, most other instruments, roads, hearths