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A murr-ya (face 7) no moon lunar following the totem of the sambar deer, Korlysto runs the Sylvan Crucible. He is several centuries old and is much respected as both an expert in administering the trials for new lunars but also as a judge and negotiator.

In his efforts to maintain the Silver Pact, Korlysto has sacrificed much of his immortal vigor, appearing as an old man with braided unkempt white hair. Even in human form, his tell is unmistakable, a covering of downy silver hair resembling peach fuzz. He speaks in a deep, rumbling voice (stereotype: James Earl Jones) and has a predilection for storytelling.

Korlysto is formidable physically, having six levels of beastman form, but gives the impression of being more of a thinker. He is also an extremely powerful sorcerer, but never summons demons under any circumstances.