Enroth Items

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This is a list of items found in Enroth throughout the party's adventures:



Blood Dagger: BloodDagger.jpg

Broadsword: Broadsword.jpg

Club: Club.jpg

Crossbow: Crossbow.jpg

Cutlass: Cutlass.jpg

Dagger: Dagger.jpg

Long Dagger: LongDagger.jpg

Longsword: Longsword.jpg

Mace: Mace.jpg

Shadow Dagger: ShadowDagger.jpg

Spear: Spear.jpg

Staff: Staff.jpg

Wicked Mace: WickedMace.jpg

Misc Items

Cloth Hat: ClothHat.jpg

Fine Ring: FineRing.jpg

Leather Belt: LeatherBelt.jpg

Leather Boots: LeatherBoots.jpg

Leather Cloak: LeatherCloak.jpg

Sparkling Ring: SparklingRing.jpg