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Kel is an elf fighter in the Greyhawk campaign, played by Liz.

I was born in the small village of Lanar in Celene to Kalindas, a warrior with the Southern Elite Forest Guard and Kerian, a weaver of fine clothes. According to what my father told me, my birth was very difficult on my mother and she died very shortly after my birth. I was named Kelevandros by my father after my father’s brother.

Growing up without my mother was difficult as the other children I knew still had their mothers. My father did his very best to make up for her loss and always told me to stand up for myself and make her proud and never forget that she died to give me life.


When I was old enough to draw a bow, my father started to teach me the fine art of elven archery. He was an expert shot and was well known as someone who can put an arrow into an orc’s eye at 1000 paces. I took to his instruction very well and the other Forest Guard members noted that I would follow in my father’s footsteps, and possibly even surpass his skills.

I wanted to make my father proud and I put all my energies into perfecting my bow techniques. During my studies, my father set off with other Forest Guard trainees for a raid in the Pomarj. I wanted sorely to go with him, but he told me that my time would come someday and I had to practice to be ready.

I waited for him to come back, but after two weeks there was still no sign of the party. Another raiding party was sent out to find out what happened. They came back a few days later telling of a great battle. My father and his six trainees were attacked by a great host of orcs in the forest. There were a few priests of Gruumsh among the dead as well. In all told, there were 47 orcs, 2 ogres, and 4 orc priests killed before the party fell in combat. I was only 97 when this happened.

During my training after my father died, I met several elf maidens with whom I tried to have a relationship, but the relationships never lasted. I find I have difficulty understanding women and I have been told by more than one woman that I "don't act like I care". I do care, but I guess I am not good at expressing myself. I find myself attracted to human women at times because so there is so much of the world that they have yet to see and experience. Human lives are so short in comparison to that of the elves that even in their old age the world is newer to their eyes than to the eyes of most elven children. The long life of the elves allow us to see and experience so much that even at my young age I often feel old.

I was taken in by a retired Elite Forest Guard member who took care of me until I was of age to enter the world. He supported my training and sponsored me when I took my test to be certified as an Elite Forest Guard. It was time to go.

I did have a strong relationship with a human woman named Amanda. She was a ranger who worked with the elves and kept in touch with an organization called the Rangers of the Gnarley Forest. She was a brave, spirited girl who let me know that there were humans who loved the forest as much as elves do. We were both warriors and she seemed to understand me more than any other girl I had known. Through her, I met her sponsor, a spry for his age retired ranger named Carl. He was currently training what he called his prodigy, Qaz. I found that to be an odd name for a human, but that is what he called himself. He was a quiet human boy, and looked up to Carl as a father and Amanda as a sister. It seemed that he was abandoned as a child due to the death of his parents somewhere on the Wild Coast.

About six years ago, all four of us were traveling along a forgotten path on the edge of the Lortmil mountains when we were attacked by Ogres. It was a horrible day and I envisioned myself being slain just like my father. Amanda was the first to fall. Carl selflessly carved a path for Qaz and I to break out from being surrounded and told me to look after Qaz and to get him into the woods and out of danger. By the time I got Qaz safely into the woods Carl was lost. He sacrificed himself for us to get away, and I will never forget what he did.

Qaz was heartbroken and it took him several days to stop crying. From that day forward, his hatred of Ogres was incredible. I felt that it was my duty to complete Qaz's training, but I did not have the faintest clue what to do. His skills were exceptional, but his attitude was a bit unsettling, due to the horrific situation he was in those years ago. I think that I have been a bad teacher, but Qaz never complained, and I was even able to teach him how to use the Composite Short Bow. We became very close friends. Carl took care of Qaz and gave his life for him, and upon my honor, I will do the same.