Inverted Magus Specialty

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A Class Warfare-like disciple specialty for Dungeon World games.

You have been initiated into the Inverted Pyramid, an exclusive order of arcane casters.

Compendium Class

The Inverted Pyramid works by invitation only, and rarely issues invitations to anyone less than 5th level. Once you have completed the rite of initiation and been welcomed into the Inverted Pyramid, you may consider this specialty an available compendium class. The next time you level up, you may add this specialty to your character instead of choosing a move from your class.

This speciality may only be taken as a compendium class.

Starting Moves

You start with all this move:

Inverted Pyramid Initiate

Choose a spell already in your spellbook or repertoire. You may prepare and cast that spell as if it were two levels lower. If you do and you miss when casting it, the results will be worse than usual.

Advanced Moves

When you gain a level from 6-10, you may choose from these moves:

Edict Dampening

When you affirm arcane magic's superiority over the divine, roll+nothing. If you spend mojo, take +1 per point spent. If you end an ongoing spell, take +1 for every full two levels the spell had (e.g. take +2 for ending a fifth level spell). On a hit, you may snuff out a temporary divine magical spell or effect or suppress a permanent divine effect for a time. On a 7-9, you become more noticeable to the god powering the interrupted effect.

Expanded Horizon

(requires: Expanded Spellbook)

Select an additional school of magic. Add all cantrips from this school to your spellbook. When you gain a level, you may choose spells from this school as well.

Spell Researcher

When you design a spell with the help of the Inverted Pyramid's library, describe what you want the spell to do. The GM will tell you the school of such a spell and what level it will need to be, as well as give you one to four of the following conditions to design it:

  • First you must discover __________.
  • Research will require a lot of money.
  • Research will take days/weeks/months.
  • The best you can do is a lesser version, unreliable and limited.
  • Your spell will be subject to a highly political "peer review" before you are given access to the resources you need.
  • You’ll need help from ________.
  • You must set up a testing environment outside of Ptolus.

Once you complete your research, you must still learn this spell as you would any other.

Working Your Mojo

(requires: Gather Mojo)

When you gather mojo, hold +CHA mojo.