Internal Geomantic Symmetry

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Cost: -
Duration: Permanent
Type: Permanent
Min. Appearance: 3
Min. Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Shaping the Ideal Form

Just as the proper geometry can make a manse less wasteful, a lunar can alter his internal structure to channel essence more efficiently. The degree of symmetry possessed intrinsically by the lunar acts as an upper limit on what can be achieved with this charm. Mechanically, since people with more symmetric features are generally considered more attractive, this innate degree of symmetry is measured by Appearance.

Upon learning this charm, the lunar permanently alters his internal structure to take advantage of his natural symmetry. This increases his maximum personal essence pool by his Appearance, simultaneously reducing his maximum peripheral essence pool by the same amount. In other words, you move Appearance "mote boxes" from your peripheral to personal pool.

This change carries over to any form the lunar takes. Adjustments to the lunar's Appearance rating apply the effect of this charm only if the adjustment is explicitly due to a physical transformation or a permanent change to Appearance.