Inescapable Conclusion

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Cost at Creation: 6 freebie points
Experience Cost: ? xp
Traiing Time, Favored w/ Teacher: ? days
Traiing Time, Unfavored w/ Teacher: ? days
Traiing Time, Favored, No Teacher: ? days
Traiing Time, Unfavored, No Teacher: ? days
Casting Cost: 4 motes + 2 willpower + 3 motes per attack + 1 motes per attack die + reflexives
Combined Charms: Impinging Web of Dream, Luminous Exhalation, Wyld-Curdling Attack, Flesh-Carved World, Assertion of a Greater Vision, Sapphire Emptiness Kata

Make Essence Ring- or Staff-shaping attacks against the same target, without ammunition, adding 1 die per mote (min 1) to attack and Essence to damage. May also use Assertion of a Greater Vision and Sapphire Emptiness Kata.