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This page is an experiment, contemplating how the characters of the Dissolution campaign could be converted to the Dungeon World system, specifically using the variant character rules from Class Warfare as described in the Ptolus Dungeon World conversion document.

As 13th level Pathfinder characters, all of the characters will be converted into 7th level Dungeon World characters. I'm thinking of handling gear and magic items by saying each character can have a number of custom moves equal to their level that are supplied by their gear. Most characters would probably also get a couple of moves related to their social background as well.



Warrior: Destroyer, Martial Hero, Acrobat, (Flux??)
Base damage: d8
Load: 10+STR
HP: 8+Constitution


Magician: Shield Arcanus, Prepared Caster-ish, some sort of dragon/electricity thing, (Psi-Knife)
Base damage: d4
Load: 6+STR
HP: 6+Constitution

Build a spontaneous caster specialty that works by gaining hold each day, and spending hold equal to spell level on casting @ 7-9. Only know a limited number of spells. Maybe call the hold "reserve" and have other moves use it in some way.


Disciple: Elementalist, Vancian Caster-ish, Friend of the Wild sorta
Base damage: d6
Load: 9+STR
HP: 6+Constitution

Build a Hierophant caster type that works something like Prepared Caster, but can choose a mix of schools and spheres. Can only cast spells of level-1.

Scoffney Shever

Rogue: Thief, custom alchemy/ranged traps moves, Sharpshooter, (Engineer)
Base damage: d8
Load: 8+STR
HP: 6+Constitution


Relegated to being a hireling.
Cost: 0
Loyalty: 2
Protector: 3
Warrior: 5


Relegated to being a hireling.
Cost: 0
Loyalty: 1
Priest: 6
Protector: 2

Group Moves

Possibly some number of moves that anyone in the group can use. Such as:

  • Moves that reflect the presence of Lostwhite.
  • Moves that reflect the presence of Sikarsis.
  • A move showing how Cassiodora's bag of goodies helps the party.
  • Moves reflective of their estate and house in the Noble Quarter.
  • Possibly some moves reflecting their interaction with the public.
  • A move or two specific to using memberships, such as with the Delver's Guild.
  • "Keys to the City", which allows you to capitalise on celebrity.


Create some fronts.

  • One about the malady, which is mostly underway.
  • One based around the sword of lies.
  • Harrow elves.
  • Power vacuums in city.
  • Shuul or golems or something becoming "warlords" in the city during plague?