Horatio de Stael

From DivNull RPG

An excessive braggart, yet generally fair man, Senator de Stael has supported laws protecting Asturia, what he calls “a country that lives by honor and virtue”, and prohibiting abuse of the land and people therein. He also constructed ports on Lake Gledven, contributing to the tri-city importance. He now seeks to beat Lodore Brathay to gain control of the Lelldonis Forest.

Horatio is loud, haughty and fat, with a big bushy mustache. The rumor mill claims he is a bastard of Orrite origin, holds orgies at his homestead in eastern Dalenden, supports secret mining of the Dalackshire mountains and is a rapist. Some also view his support of Asturia as the Autun family’s attempt to keep others out of Asturia long enough to secure exclusive trading rights for themselves. The family’s standard features black and white checkers.