Hierophant Specialty

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A Class Warfare-like disciple specialty for Dungeon World games.

You walk the path of both divine and arcane magic, but can only hold so much in your head at once.

Compendium Class[edit]

Once you have compared and contrasted the divine realities you know to be true with the esoteric formulæ of codified spellbooks, uncovering a deeper reality, you may consider the heirophant specialty an available compendium class. The next time you level up, you may add this specialty to your character instead of choosing a move from your class.


If you choose the hierophant specialty, you get +1 load, and lower your maximum HP by 2, but not lower than 4+Constitution.

Starting Moves[edit]

You start with all three of these moves:

Hierophant Spellbook[edit]

You have mastered several spells and inscribed them in your spellbook. Choose a combination of three schools of magic or spheres of influence. You start with all the cantrips/rotes from each school/sphere and three first level spells chosen from those offered by your three choices. When you gain a level, add to your spellbook a new spell whose spell level is lower than yours, chosen from those offered by your three schools/spheres. Your spellbook is 1 weight.

Cast a Hierophant Spell[edit]

When you release a spell you’ve memorized, it is cast successfully (as if you had rolled 12+, if it matters), but you forget it and cannot cast this spell again until your re-memorize it. If a spell would give you a -1 ongoing penalty to cast a spell, ignore it and take -1 forward instead.

Prepare Hierophant Spells[edit]

When you spend an hour or so in quiet contemplation of the divine nature of the spells in your spellbook, you:

  • Forget any spells you already memorized.
  • Memorize all cantrips and rotes in your spell book.
  • Memorize new spells whose number does not exceed your level+2, and whose total levels does not exceed twice your level. You cannot memorize the same spell more than once.

Advanced Moves[edit]

When you gain a level from 2-5, you may choose from these moves:


(requires: Prepare Hierophant Spells)

Choose a spell. You learn and cast that spell as if it were one level lower.

Expanded Spellbook[edit]

(requires: Hierophant Spellbook)

Add a new spell from any sphere or school to your spellbook. You are able to cast this spell as if it were from a chosen sphere/school.

Quick Study[edit]

When you see the effects of a spell, ask the GM the name of the spell and its effects. You take +1 when acting on the answers.

When you gain a level from 6-10, you may choose from these moves as well as the level 2-5 moves:


(requires: Enlightened)

Choose one spell in addition to the one you picked for Enlightened. You prepare that spell as if it were one level lower.

Expanded Sphere of Influence[edit]

(requires: Expanded Spellbook) Select an additional sphere of influence. Add rotes from this sphere to your spellbook. When you gain a level, you may include this sphere in those from which you may choose spells.

Spell Augmentation[edit]

When you deal damage to a creature, you can shunt a spell’s energy into them—end one of your ongoing spells and add the spell’s level to the damage dealt.

Hierophant Alignments[edit]

You may choose one of these instead of a disciple alignment:


Reconcile your divine and arcane nature.

Hierophant Bonds[edit]

  • __________’s faith blinds them to a greater reality.
  • __________ denies the divine. I do not trust them.

Hierophant Gear[edit]

You get your spellbook (1 weight), some writing implements, and whatever your other specialties give you.

Hierophant Races[edit]

You may choose from the magician race options instead of the disciple race choices. Or, you may select one of these instead:


Magic is as natural as breath to you. You know Detect Magic in addition to your other spells, and you cast it as if it were a cantrip.


Choose one spell from a sphere of influence you have not studied. You can cast it as if it were one of your own spells.