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*[[Temple Staff]]
*[[Temple Staff]]
[[Category:Campaign]] [[campaign::Greyhawk| ]]
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A Dungeons & Dragons campaign based in the world of Greyhawk.

Rule set: Dungeons & Dragons, Second Edition
Started: Spring 2004
Last Session: April 2006
Next Session:  May 2006
Gamemaster: Russ


Name Player Summary
Bryan Finora Russ Human Priest of Heironeous
Frith Russ Halfling Thief
Kelevandros Liz Elven Fighter (Archer)
Qaz Scott Human Ranger
Hurgan Stoneblade Ari Dwarven Fighter/Priest of Clangeddin
Avanimorel Vincreo Wordman Half-elf Mage/Priest of Delleb
Makiko Esumi Ryoko Human Monk