Forgotten Suns: Log - Chiaroscuro

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Getting There[edit]

17th day of Resplendent Wood, RY 769
Dense Effulgence Root 22 Sep 2005

The morning the circle planned to leave, a message showed up in a bottle claimed from one of the dragon-blooded:

Dearest cousin -

I know you said not to use the bottles until you contacted me, but I have news that bears directly on the matter at hand, regarding the one with whom you have struck a deal. I inadvertently (really!) overheard a discussion between our mothers. They seem to believe they’ve uncovered a connection between Last Envy and the Cult of the Illuminated. If that’s true, I can’t help but wonder if the cargo you will deliver to him will be handed over to those heretics, though I have no idea to what use they might put it. Surely they are not sophisticated enough to actually forge it.

I beg you again to avoid this business altogether. At the very least, postpone it until I can dig more into this matter. Breaking an edict is one thing, but consorting with heretics is another. They’d never let you back here if that happened. Tread lightly, cousin. I couldn’t bear it if anything were to happen to you.



Varden forges:

“Your words have persuaded me. I will try to delay as long as possible, but time is of the essence. Find out quickly.” No signature. Five forgery successes.

Gutts takes crude notes from lunar on “wooing” women.

GM: Where are you going to get this paint? Scott: Berries! Berries and the bones of our enemies.

Hide vehicle to the south. Camoflaged with five success.

Gutts buys two slaves. 20-yard. Northern hotties. Boy and girl. Fit. Average height. Tailoring. Labor. Morton and Emily.

Gutts takes off with Morton pulling cart, Emily sitting with him in it.

Gutts buys clothes for circle from Fig Leaf Fashion.

Group sees Mnemon wagon with Eyeless guys.

Marble Crane. Checked in under the name of Grey Rose.

Guen tells about Tamuz and Tamaz.

Hotel bellman assumes Guen is Gutts’ seneschal.

Meet Jorias. Looks trim(er), shaved. He informs them that Adrios wants a message delivered in secret. Also has been told (via whisper in ear from spell) to meet contact at the Vermillion Ribbon.

Slaves prepare feast.

Bathing, sleep.

18th day of Resplendent Wood, RY 769
Dense Effulgence Root 28 Sep 2005

Golden Hand (wife of Tri-kahn). Her mother is “Unfettered”. Guen tours palace. Is seen by northern guy, who notices the metal message tube.

Stag goes to Vermillion Ribbon ahead of time. Very long line (before noon) and sign saying “Dancing today only: Blossom”. Stag bribes way in through neighboring apartment. Devlops irrational need to get past guards to get backstage, but does not succeed. Guen comes later, shapeshifting in. Gutts, who was looking at houses and buying another elephant, comes with Jorias and slaves, presenting a massive bribe to get in.

Meeting with {guide} indicates item possession of unexalted member of imperial family. He gave it to a dancer at the Vermillion Ribbon named Volaria. Volaria supposed to be there, but isn’t. While this is happening, two dragon-blooded enter with eyeless servants and start questioning a particular waitress. Just as the circle moves to investigate, Blossom starts dancing, transfixing everyone in the room. With eye contact, she plants suggestions into most people’s heads. {who got what suggestions}

After the dance, the dragon-blooded take waitress by the arm outside. At various intervals, Gutts, Guen and Jorias follow, while Stag tries to get back stage again, this time succeeding. When he gets close to Blossom, he is entangled by her suddenly animated clothes. They flirt a bit and she kisses, then releases him. Stag leaves via the stage, barely hearing Blossom chew out her guards and start smashing stuff.

Meanwhile, outside, Guen finally manages to eavesdrop a bit on the dragon-blooded. They are clearly using truth detecting magic, asking {waitress} about wearabouts of {savant}. Eventually, they toss her out of the wagon, and the circle gets some information out of her.

They go back into the now empty club. The manager is bribed to reveal the location of Volaria’s home, and the circle goes there, with the elephant. Circle in Volaria’s apartment building, looking for her.