Flowered Fist

From DivNull RPG

A group of problem-eliminators utilizing powerfully magicked armor. This armor was created by Necron, and the Fist was employed by him for some time. Each suit of armor is crafted to control one of the elements. Which element is generally ascertained by the fine designs worked into the armor.

They have been in existence for at least ten years, and are known are filling contracts to the letter. They are often employed to kill specific targets in a public and bloody manner.



A member of the Flowered Fist wearing red-purple armor, which is said to control fire. He is a priest. Red hair, no beard. Carries large mace. He is the leader of the Fist. It is he who insists on sticking to the contract.


A member of the Flowered Fist wearing blue armor with watery designs, leading us to believe he can control water. Two short swords, black hair, no mustache. Large helmet. Likes to hunt humans.


A member of the Flowered Fist wearing orange armor. Two-handed sword, blond, controls earth. Fireball. Illusion. Ethereal.

Known Employees