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=== Into the Machine ===

* [[Memory Sapphires Vision]]
* [[Righteous Judgment]]
* [[Bezul's Proposition|Note]] from [[Bezul]], suggesting business proposition: essence containing gems for artifacts of similar power level. Or, refills of two levels lower.
* [[Rave Against the Machine]]
* Possible note from [[Hammer in the Woods]], asking for assistance: Maduka finally lost it and needs to be taken out, but need to frame the other camp. Asking solars to do the dirty work and possibly take blame.
* [[The Outside Calls]]
* Plot exposition from Adrios' [[Forgotten Suns Essence_Journeys|essence trip]]. Blue cunaria in two places: a field on the grounds of the palace of the Maiden of Endings, and somewhere within the Violet Bier of Sorrows. Edict prevents it from growing elsewhere. By now, few have heard of it. Finds out possible allies who might be willing to get it: Lytek, god of exaltation, who hates the deathlords. Nara-O, head of the Forbidding Manse of Ivy, who would be interested in the process. Both would ask for serious favors in return. Lytek would probably be more discrete.
* Other message jar?
=== The Eye Opens ===
* Events
** 28th day of Resplendant Air - Excessively Righteous Blossom kills [[Ten Stripes]].
* [[Approaching the Glass City]]
** 5th day of Descending Water, RY 769 - Regret leaves manse
* [[Streets of Glass]] into the city, more glass beasts, remnants of Mnemon's crew
** 15st day of Ascending Earth, RY 769 - Excessively Righteous Blossom and his 30,000 troops defeated at Gem. Yearlong prep for new invasion begins.
* [[Interrogation of Mnemon Marbado]]
** 28th day of Ascending Earth, RY 769 - Regret arrives in Gem.
* [[Rats in a Glass Maze]]
** 10th day of Resplendent Earth, RY 769 - Regret tracks down some Autochtonian survivors and tortures them for information about Autochthon and Autochtonia.
* [[Interview with a Glass Sorcerer]]
** 25th day of Resplendent Earth, Regret reaches the Lap, killing librarian and taking his place. Discovers more info about Autochthon, as well as legends of an orichalcum mine.
* [[Looking Into the Eye]]
** 7th day of Descending Earth, RY 769- Regret meets cirle in the Lap
** 17th day of Resplendent Wood, RY 769 - Regret and Cruxis leave mine. Loose water?
=== Harborhead Insurrection ===
** ~25 day of Descending Wood - mine visited by Imperials and buildings destroyed.
** 2nd day of Ascending Fire, RY 769 - Regret and Cruxis enter Autochtonia. They almost immediately kill Meticulous Owl. Use information of mine to strike deal.
* [[Entering Harborhead]]
** 22nd day of Ascending Fire, RY 769 - Circle visits [[Kardak]]
* [[Audience With the White Queen]]
** 25th day of Ascending Fire, RY 769 - manse repaired; hearthstones explode
** 28th day of Ascending Fire, RY 769 - Autochtonians reach mine. In spite of warnings not to, they antagonize Kardak, who slaughters them.
=== Sword of Creation ===
** 1st day of Descending Fire, RY 769 - Pre essence training
** Cruxis limit breaks, treating people cruelly, runs off into the Reaches. Stays there for a while contemplating, also training for Essence. Discovers elemental pole of smoke.
* [[Return to the Lap]]
** Regret takes control of an artifact Meticulous Owl had to communicate with First and Forsaken Lion, sending false intelligence. Finds that resonance still a problem, and sleeps in coffin to shed it. Generally assists with invasion plans.
* [[The Shakra of the Last Supplicant]]
** A brief failure in the filtering system allows mosquitoes to enter Ot.
* [[The Head of the Last Supplicant]]
** Second, larger expedition to mine, with several alchemicals, succeeds. Kardak and his tribe killed, their manse claimed as well.
** Great Contagion surfaces. Cruxis eventually notices this and returns. He greatly helps preventing panic and keeps people calm.
=== Stray Scenes ===
** 26th day of Descending Air, RY 770 - Essence training over
** 1st day of Descending Water - Gem hears about approaching invasion force, led by Unhesitatingly Loyal Weapon.
* Tamuz?
* Alchemical names:
* White Queen
** Excessively Righteous Blossom
* Husk
** Unhesitatingly Loyal Weapon
* Sundial
** Flawlessly Wrathful Sunrise
* Mnemon's crew
** Extensively Grievous Ocean
* Cult of Illuminated
** Beneficently Unfettered Warrior
* Infernals
** Levelheadedly Bright Alloy
* [[Jorias' Essence Quest]]
** Unapproachably Eyeless Sadness
** Gloriously Still Father
=== Backdrop ===
** Condescendingly Sorrowful Maiden
** Blessedly Stalwart Hammer
* Civil war
** Magnificently Rancorous Bronze
* Bull of the North
** Darkly Fluttering Eyes
* Thorns
** Silently Flowing Ore
* Mask of Winters
** Drunkenly Wrathful Mammoth
* White Queen
** Sagaciously Unrepentant Sun
** Unrepentantly Battleworn Servant
** Jubilantly Invincible Ivory
** Silkily Descending Mountain
* Ascending Water
** Silently Flaming Hammer
** The Roseblack ordered to take Thorns, as a maneuver to get her killed.
** Heavenly Bitter Metal
* Resplendent Water
** Entirely Masked Oblivion
** The Roseblack secretly meets separately with both the Bull of the North and the Mask of Winters, engineering a war between them in which each side thinks they can claim her forces as allies. She also meets with Lookshy to convince them they are better off under a Shogunate than solar or deathlord rule.
** The White Queen makes her move in Harborhead.
** Yugash sends out new scouting patrols, now innoculated against the Great Contaigion.
* Descending Water
** The Locust Crusade launches a full assault on Gem
* Ascending Earth
* Resplendent Earth
* Descending Earth
* Ascending Wood
* Resplendent Wood
* Descending Wood
* Ascending Fire
* Resplendent Fire
* Descending Fire
* Calibration
** 1st: Funeral for the Scarlet Empress. Wedding in Hell.
** 2nd: Darkbrood on the Blessed Isle interfere with civil war.
** 5th: Circle activates manses.
=== Orichalcum Manse ===
* '''Location''': [[Rathess]]
* '''Interference''': Manse flow is doesn't work because the [[Dragon Kings]] have degenerated. Some contact with an ancient King needed.
* [[Locating the Orichalcum Manse]]
* Need for cunaria, solar hearthstone, celestial lion talon, quintessence flask
* [[Ophidian Kata Rings]]
* The Goblin King. Abyssal consort(s). Griffin as Akuma.
* Finding Soul Mirror
* Waking the Dragon Kings
* Redemption of Regret, [[Three Gated Cage]]
=== Moonsilver Manse ===
* '''Location''': Somewhat near the [[City of the Shining Reefs]], in an underwater quicksilver lake.
* '''Interference''': Manse flow is doesn't work because [[Whose Whispers Chain]] has been messing with it somehow. He has a guess as to what it is, but his minions do not.
* [[Locating the Moonsilver Manse]]
* Hints about Ebon Dragon
* Chimeral lunar akuma?
* Infernals up to something -- taining the Well of Souls so that when Auto drinks from it, he becomes corrupted.
* This should be related in some manner to the Scarlet Empress plotline, including information about the coming of the [[Ebon Dragon]].
* Need to untangle the manse from some sort of machinations of those who follow [[Whose Whispers Chain]] in some way.
* "You could then use the SE's return as a plot not only to deliver the Dragon Bloods, but to exact revenge on Autocthon, who needs fresh souls for the fire, and what he starts to get are a ton of Tainted souls, that work their havok from within, Yozi cults beginning in his bowels, and eventually, Auto is NOT killed--because that would only deliver a new Malfean, which the Yozi will want to avoid, but instead, a powerful ally, who isn't Bound by his own name. The Dragon Bloods are delivered into the Yozi's hands to be their catspaws, and through them and the other cults, they work on Auto--who can help shatter their bonds once and for all..." - Jakk Bey
=== Starmetal Manse ===
* '''Location''': A mountain top outside [[Yane]].
* '''Interference''': Asteroid/ship was converted into a prison for a Third Circle demon about 1000 years ago, during the Shogunate.
* [[Locating the Starmetal Manse]]
* [[Sermon at the Gate]]
* [[Entering the Starmetal Manse]]
* [[Against the Aurora]]
* [[Meeting the Warden]] - a spirit who nominally runs the manse. Information about the prisoner.
* [[What Do You Do With a Third Circle Demon?]] - handling the demon. Maybe a deal for information about the [[Ebon Dragon]]? Abjuration of the Maidens?
* [[The Drop]] - if the manse starts falling.
* [[Rewiring The Gate]] - If they need to, how to get into the manse on other days.
* Asteroid base
* Prison to third circle demon?
* Maybe asteroid starts plummeting towards city?
* When the gate opens, maybe some immaterial 2nd circles enter to try to free their "parent"?
* Need a scene where the circle must fight the demon and keep the asteroid from crashing at the same time.
* The top of the mountain holds a portal to the Starmetal Manse, not the manse itself. A ritual space exists on top of the mountain, and if the Calibration Gate is summoned there, the gate will open into the manse instead of into [[Yu-Shan]]. The manse itself is an asteroid observation base floating far above Creation.
=== Soulsteel Manse ===
* '''Location''': [[Gethemane]], location of where soulsteel first originated.
* '''Interference''': Vodak is drawing on the manse's energy?
* [[Locating the Soulsteel Manse]]
* Vision Consorting with the Dead
* Mountain Folk
* Infernals?
* Connect the circle with the Mountain Folk, in order to make the Jade Manse a bit more approachable.
* Gethamane
* Minions of Vodak, possibly Vodak himself, abyssals (either on the same quest, or looking for ways to exploit Vodak).
* Long before the solars originally hollowed the mountain, the place that would be Gethamane held the greatest city of the Nameless Ones. When Autochthon unmade them, some of the fallout spilled into the pit vacated by the city. After constructing the Soulsteel Manse in the pit, Autochthon made mountains to fill in the hole. These mountains never quite matched the surrounding stone, so numerous faults evolved, and these unwittingly made an ideal starting point for the solars who founded Gethamane.
=== Jade Manse ===
* '''Location''': Deep under the [[Imperial Mountain]]
* '''Interference''': The Empresses infernalism?
* [[Locating the Jade Manse]]
* Just getting there will be the main threat, but potentially some "corrupted" essence flows. Possibly related to Ebon Dragon.
* Infernals paving the way for Ebon Dragon
* Stag's akuma foe.
=== Finale ===
* Ebon Dragon & Empress
* Autochthon wakes
* Breaking the world?
[[Exalted Aspects]]
[[Mark of Autochthon]]
=== Scene ===
'''Dramatic Purpose''':
'''Metagaming Purpose''':
'''Field Testing''':
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