Enroth Quests

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These are the quests that the party has chosen to undertake:

Retrieve the Candelabra: Andover Potbello told the party about a candelabra that was left behind in the abandoned temple to the northwest of town. If the party retrieves it, he will give them another 1000 gp.

Retrieve the Goblinwatch Vault Combination: Janice, the town clerk, tasked the party with retrieving the new combination of the Goblinwatch Vault. She would pay them 2000 gp.

Kill the Spider Queen: Buford T. Allman, the town barrister, tasked the party with killing the Spider Queen, whose minions were occasionally plaguing the town, and bring back her heart. If successful, he would give the party 1000 gp and be willing to teach party members Alchemy.

These are the quests that the party has succesfully completed:

Turn in the Letter: The party returned the letter to Andover Potbello and received 1000 gp.