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This is a list of items found in Enroth throughout the party’s adventures:


  • Leather Armors
    • Leather Armor – Lightest and most easily made among the armors, leather armor offers the least protection. Normal leather is of average quality. (Base cost: 150, Armor Class: +2 bonus, SF penalty: +4, Weight: 15)
    • Studded Leather – Studded Leather offers more protection than regular leather armor at the expense of being stiffer and weighing more. (Base cost: 250, Armor Class: +3 bonus, SF penalty: +5, Weight: 25)
  • Chainmails
    • Chainmail – Chain mail is an armor made of small, interlocking loops of metal. Normal chainmail is generally low quality: the metal used is plain iron, there are only two layers of rings, and it is heavy and stiff for it’s size. (Base cost: 400, Armor Class: +5 bonus, SF penalty: +8, Weight: 40)
  • Small Shields
    • Wooden Shield – A small wooden shield designed to protect mostly against arrows. (Base cost: 100, Armor Class: +1 bonus against missiles, Weight: 5)
    • Steel Shield – This shield is made of tempered steel which should resist all but the most unusual enchanted weapons. (Base cost: 300, Armor Class: +1 bonus to melee, +2 bonus against missiles, Weight: 10)
  • Large Shields
    • Kite Shield – Formed of stretched hides over a wooden frame, this simple shield provides protection against physical attacks. (Base cost: 200, Armor Class: +1 bonus, Weight: 10)
  • Helms
    • Helm – An ordinary helm made of hides stretched over wood. There’s no fur or padding on the inside, so your head will probably ring like a bell when struck a solid blow. (Base cost: 60, No benefit, Weight: 3)
  • Gauntlets
    • Gauntlet – A steel plated gauntlet of simple make and design. (Base cost: 100, No benefit, Weight: 4)
  • Boots
    • Leather Boots – Common traveler’s boots made with leather and hobnailed. (Base cost: 50, No benefit, Weight: 2)


  • Axes
    • Hand Axe – More of a tool than a weapon, this simple axe will work in a pinch. But don’t expect much. (Base cost: 30, Weight: 5, SF: 4, Damage: 1d6)
    • Battle Axe – Made as a weapon of war instead of a tool, the battle axe is usually employed by barbarians and undisciplined armies. (Base cost: 100, Weight: 7, SF: 8, Damage: 1d8)
  • Bows
    • Elven Bow – A weapon made only by the Elves of the Erathian forests. This bow reflects the same high quality workmanship found in all Elvish artifacts. (Base cost: 200, Weight: 3, SF: 8, AT 2/1, +1 AT adj, Damage: 1d6, Range: 9/18/27)
  • Broadswords
    • Broadsword – A common broadsword. These blades can be found throughout the land in the hands of both heroes and villans. (Base cost: 100, Weight: 4, SF: 5, Damage: 2d4)
    • Steel Broadsword – A fine Erathian steel broadsword of excellent quality and edge. (Base cost: 300, Weight: 5, SF: 5, +1 AT adj, Damage: 2d4+1)
  • Clubs
    • Club – A primitive weapon usable by even the stupidist of monsters. You’re not thinking of using this, are you? (Base cost: 1, Weight: 3, SF: 3, Damage: 1d3)
  • Crossbows
    • Crossbow – Crossbows are the deadliest ranged weapons made since the Time of Wonders. This crossbow is made of stout Yew wood and metal fixtures, but is otherwise rather ordinary. (Base cost: 50, Weight: 7, SF: 7, AT 1/1, Damage: 1d6, Range: 6/12/18)
  • Cutlasses
    • Cutlass – A cutlass of Goblin manufacture, this blade is ugly as it is deadly. (Base cost: 40, Weight: 4, SF: 3, Damage: 1d6)
  • Daggers
    • Dagger – A common dagger, favorite of thieves and assassins the world over (Base cost: 8, Weight: 1, SF: 2, Damage: 1d4)
    • Blood Dagger – Blood Daggers are ceremonial weapons worn by the nobility of Regna. Their popularity has spread in recent years to the nobility of Enroth, and now they can be found throughout the land. Though ceremonial, they are sharp and reliable blades. (Base cost: 100, Weight: 1, SF: 2, Damage: 1d4+1)
  • Hammers
    • Hammer – A graceless and unimaginative weapon, hammers are slow, but hit very hard. This hammer is of common construction and materials. (Base cost: 120, Weight: 8, SF: 6, Damage: 1d4+1)
    • Dark Hammer – A step up in construction quality, these hammers are commonly wielded by humanoid monsters. Since everyone knows most monsters don’t make weapons, the question ‘from where are they getting them?’ arises. (Base cost: 300, Weight: 6, SF: 4, +1 AT adj, Damage: 1d6+1)
  • Long Daggers
    • Long Dagger – Bordering on swords, common long daggers are favored by assassins who want a weapon that is both concealable yet has a reach longer than the traditional dagger. (Base cost: 15, Weight: 1, SF: 3, Dmg 1d4+1)
  • Longswords
    • Longsword – Of simple make and design, this longsword is deadly nonetheless. (Base cost: 50, Weight: 4, SF: 5, Damage: 1d8)
  • Maces
    • Mace – Little more than a glorified club, a common Mace is made of ordinary materials and unexceptional craftsmanship. (Base cost: 50, Weight: 6, SF: 6, Damage 1d6)
  • Spears
    • Spear – Barely more than a sharpened stick, the spear is still quite deadly. Like all spears it can be used either one or both hands. (Base cost: 15, Weight: 5, SF: 6(8 two handed), Damage: 1d6 (2d6 two handed)
  • Staves
    • Staff – The staff is the traditional weapon of the oppressed. An unremarkable weapon, the ruby at the end of it is actually just colored glass. (Base cost: 40, Weight: 4, SF: 4, Damage: 1d6)

Misc Items[edit]

  • Belts
    • Leather Belt – A common strip of leather used to hold up your pants. (Base cost: 40, No benefit)
  • Hats
    • Cloth Hat – A common hat of a blend of cotton and wool, with a duck’s feather in the top. (Base cost: 20)
  • Rings
    • Fine Ring – A small golden ring with a small quarter carat diamond. The style is simple and elegant. (Base cost: 100)
    • Sparkling Ring – Two amethysts adorn this plain platinum ring. (Base cost: 300)
  • Wands
    • Wand – A rod of blue metal and wood capped with a blue headstone. (Base cost: 1000)
  • Herbs
    • Poppysnaps – A yellow herb known for its energy boosting benefits. (Base cost: 2)
    • Willowsweep Berries – A bunch of red berries known for their healing properties. (Base cost: 4)
    • Phirna Root – A blue root known for its magical properties. (Base cost: 3)
  • Basic Potions
    • Empty Bottle – Used to carry/make potions. (Base cost: 5)
    • Yellow Potion – Grants the drinker a bonus of +1 to a random ability (e.g. Strength) for 2 hours. (Base cost: 50)
    • Red Potion – Heals the drinker 10 hit points (Base cost: 50)
    • Blue Potion – Restores 10 SP to the drinker (Base cost: 50)
  • Higher Potions
    • Green Potion – Grants the drinker a bonus of 10% to all resistances for 2 hours. (Base cost: 200)