Embodiment of Luna

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Cost: -
Duration: Permanent
Type: Permanent
Min. (attribute): 3
Min. Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: none

This is actually a set of nine charms that bring about permanent mental, physical and spiritual transformation in any lunar who learns them. There is one charm for each attribute and, when learned, the maximum rating of that attribute is increased by one, unless the attribute is favored, when it is increased by two. This does not alter the current rating of the attribute, only changes its upper limit.

If a lunar actually raises attributes past their normal maximums, this change subtly marks her as supernatural. For each dot above normal maximums, someone viewing the lunar in any form gains an additional die on tests to detect the lunar's Tell.

For example, for lunars less than 100 years old, their maximum attribute rating is five. A full moon lunar who learns Embodiment of the Full Moon's Strength and Embodiment of the No Moon's Perception would change this upper limit on Strength to seven and perception to six. If he then spent the experience to raise both of these traits to six, someone trying to detect his Tell would gain two additional dice.