Divine Machine Realization

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Kind: Celestial Martial Arts
Cost: 10 motes, 2 willpower
Duration: One scene
Type: Simple
Min. Martial Arts: 5
Min. Essence: 4
Source: Pertinacious Automaton style inspired by Argent
Prerequisite Charms: Accelerated Prescience Gearing, Perforating Piston Offensive, Invincible Avatar Cocoon
Summary: Gain benefit of Accelerated Prescience Gearing, Perforating Piston Offensive and Invincible Avatar Cocoon. Bare hands add Essence to Accuracy, Damage and Defense. Add material bonus for weapon of same material as armor. Take 1ahl when charm finishes.

Achieving the ultimate connection to the nature of the machine, the martial artist becomes like a living automaton: strong, quick, precise in its movements - an ideal form shaped out of his essence and focused through the design of the Great Maker. This charm gives all of the benefits from its three immediate requisite charms. The martial artist also fully becomes one with his armor; his anima integrates it with it and an iconic banner might take on cosmetic aspects of it.

In addition, the martial artist becomes a living weapon; his unarmed Martial Arts attacks become weapons, adding his Essence to their Accuracy, Damage and Defense. If wearing armor made out of one of the five magical materials, add the associated material bonuses to the weapon stats. In the case of soulsteel, essence absorbed successful attacks fills the martial artist's own essence pools, starting with personal.

When this charm ends, the martial artist suffers one level of unsoakable damage, as the connection between armor and anima short circuits. For alchemical exalted, this damage is lethal, but all others take aggravated damage instead.

Alchemical exalted gain a point of permanent Clarity upon learning this charm. Upon its activation, the also gain a point of temporary Clarity.


Knowledge of this charm can be gained from the following sources: