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== Summary ==
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* Item adjustments. Some stuff left back in Manse.
* Gossamer stuff degrades, including wagon.
* [[Memory Sapphires Vision]]
* Juuken's meeting with Flawlessly Wrathful Sunrise. Delirious with disease and the death of his crew, he hallucinates that Juuken is another alchemical called Darkly Fluttering Eyes. He gives his units soul gems to Juuken, along with his key and passphrase ("the light is too Bright for my huge, underdeveloped subterranean eyes") into Ot.
* Possible note from [[Hammer in the Woods]], asking for assistance: Maduka finally lost it and needs to be taken out, but need to frame the other camp. Asking solars to do the dirty work and possibly take blame.
* Other message jar?
* Events
** Ascending Wood, RY 768 (1 year, 9 months ago)
*** 1st - Ot breaks into Creation
** Resplendent Wood, RY 768 (1 year, 8 months ago)
** Descending Wood, RY 768 (1 year, 7 months ago)
** Ascending Fire, RY 768 (1 year, 6 months ago)
*** 1st - Stage 2 begins
** Resplendent Fire, RY 768 (1 year, 5 months ago)
** Descending Fire, RY 768 (1 year, 4 months ago)
** Ascending Air, RY 769 (1 year, 3 months ago)
** Resplendent Air, RY 769 (1 year, 2 months ago)
*** 28th day of Resplendent Air - ''Excessively Righteous Blossom'' kills [[Ten Stripes]].
** Descending Air, RY 769 (1 year, 1 month ago)
*** Kerok issues three decrees: First, that Yugash shall remain in Creation for all time, taking the Southwest as its own. Second, that no new conquest of Creation’s lands shall be made unless provoked. And third, that non-Autochthonians wishing to enter Yugash as citizens will be granted a modicum of rights and henceforth be known as "outsiders."
** Ascending Water, RY 769 (1 year ago)
** Resplendent Water, RY 769 (14 months ago)
** Descending Water, RY 769 (13 months ago)
*** 5th - Regret leaves manse
** Ascending Earth, RY 769 (12 months ago)
*** 15th - Excessively Righteous Blossom and his 4,000 troops defeated at Gem. Yearlong prep for new invasion begins.
** 28th - Regret arrives in Gem.
** Resplendent Earth, RY 769 (11 months ago)
*** 10th - Regret tracks down some Autochtonian survivors and tortures them for information about Autochthon and Autochtonia.
*** 25th - Regret reaches the Lap, killing librarian and taking his place. Discovers more info about Autochthon, as well as legends of an orichalcum mine.
** Descending Earth, RY 769 (10 months ago)
*** 7th - Regret meets cirle in the Lap
** Ascending Wood, RY 769 (9 months ago)
** Resplendent Wood, RY 769 (8 months ago)
*** 17th - Regret and Cruxis leave [[Dense Effulgence Root]]. Loose water?
** Descending Wood, RY 769 (7 months ago)
** ~25th - mine visited by Imperials and buildings destroyed.
** Ascending Fire, RY 769 (6 months ago)
*** 2nd - Regret and Cruxis enter Autochtonia. They almost immediately kill Meticulous Owl. Use information of mine to strike deal. Regret takes control of an artifact Meticulous Owl had to communicate with First and Forsaken Lion, sending false intelligence. Finds that resonance still a problem, and sleeps in coffin to shed it. Generally assists with invasion plans.
** 22nd - Circle visits [[Kardak]]
** 25th - manse repaired; hearthstones explode
** 28th - Autochtonians reach mine. In spite of warnings not to, they antagonize Kardak, who slaughters them.
** Resplendent Fire, RY 769 (5 months ago)
*** Cruxis limit breaks, treating people cruelly, runs off into the Reaches. Stays there for a while contemplating, also training for Essence. Discovers elemental pole of smoke.
** Descending Fire, RY 769 (4 months ago)
*** 1st - Pre essence training
** Second, larger expedition to mine, with several alchemicals, succeeds. Kardak and his tribe killed, their manse claimed as well. People enslaved. One shipment goes back.
** Ascending Air, RY 769 (3 months ago)
*** 14th - A brief failure in the filtering system allows mosquitoes to enter Ot.
** Resplendent Air, RY 769 (2 months ago)
*** 22nd - Great Contagion surfaces.
** Descending Air, RY 769 (1 month ago)
*** 5th - Something akin to martial law declared. Various sections of Yugash quarentines Ot, and various sections of both isolate themselves. ''Unhesitatingly Loyal Weapon'' is infect and goes gremlin. All exalts dispatched to stop her.
*** 9th - ''Unhesitatingly Loyal Weapon'' destroyed, but over a third of the exalts sent to stop her are killed as well. In addition, isolation seals in much of Ot are compromised in the fighting, with ''Weapon'' attempting at times to intentionally spread the disease.
*** 10th - Rumors spread: Yugash being warred on by other nations with disease; isolationism vindicated; punishment from the Machine God. Void cults become more active.
*** 11th - With ''Weapon'' dead, ''Blossom'' attempts to regain position as invading general, still intent on conquering. This calls the whole concept into question and in the ensuing debate, it is suggested in a moment of heated argument that ''Blossom'' might have sabotaged ''Weapon''. This derails the proceedings, with ''Blossom'' storming out making threats about taking control away from the "ignorant" mortals.
*** 13th - Trams to the rest of Autochthonia sealed.
*** 15th - 10% of Ot dead. Cruxis eventually notices this and returns. He sneaks into Ot, but winds up in a quarantined section with no other Exalts. He takes control, but is fighting a loosing battle.
*** 26th - Essence training over. Story begins
** ''Ascending Water, RY 769''
*** ''4th - 25% of Ot dead. 7% of the rest of Yugash dead. Regret sees shadowland.''
** 1st day of Descending Water - Gem hears about approaching invasion force.
== Cast ==
=== Kerok, Grand Autocrat ===
Mortal. Grand Autocrat of Yugash. Behind the plan to break the Seal of Divinities. Machiavellian, but understated. Will listen to PCs if they make any sense. Particularly interested in curing disease. Fears ''Blossoms'' current movements. Secretly doubts decision to open seal, but won't change it.
Will probably die offscreen so that the new autocrat can order the seal remade while the PCs are off doing something.
=== ''Excessively Righteous Blossom'' ===
Moonsilver caste. Essence 3, 7 foot tall male. Overly idealistic. Actively plotting to take over Ot. Has assembled a good number of followers, mostly exalts sick of mortal control. Has taken over sections with ruthless purges of the infected, which seem to have worked. Mostly exists to wait around until/if the PCs decide to kick his ass. This will send his sections into chaos, though.
=== ''Fair-Spoken Rishi'' ===
Orichalcum caste. Essence 4, 15 foot tall male. Four large green eyes. Advocate for extra-Autochthonian peoples. Deeply hurt over the "betrayal" of life from Creation for bringing the disease, and somewhat broken. Speaks out against reprisals against "outsiders", sometimes to the determent of Yugash. Largely ignored and fallen from grace, but could provide an ally if the PCs need a political hand.
=== [[Silkily Descending Mountain]] ===
Starmetal caste, Essence 2, 6 foot female. Most human looking of the alchemicals the PCs will see. At one point romantically linked to Cruxis, but scarred by him when he broke. Essentially assigned to Regret now, which will extend to the PCs when they arrive. Not particularly prepared for the contagion emotionally, with heavy doses of denial and "it will be fine". Otherwise, smart, capable, charming and helpful. Kathleen Turner voice.
=== ''Heavenly Bitter Metal'' ===
Soulsteel enforcer, Essence 3, 7 foot male. Never speaks. Acts as bodyguard for Kerok now, but actually spy for different nation (Jarish). Quite devout. Internally very concerned for disease and suffering of mortals who have it.
=== ''Gloriously Still Alloy'' ===
Orichalcum leader type, Essence 2, 6 foot male. One of the only oricalcum castes in the section of Ot still acting as the "head" of the invasion and coordinating the disease response. Not prepared for the massive number of tasks that now fall to him. Arrogant. Will treat the PCs mostly as a distraction unless they get in his way.
=== ''Unrepentantly Battleworn Servant'' ===
Jade caste, Essence 2, 5.5 foot female. Very haggard, but determined. Working hard to help the people, doing anything she can. Will enthusiastically help cure plans.
=== Others ===
* ''Unhesitatingly Loyal Weapon'' - Oricalcum caste. Essence 4, 20 foot tall female. More machine than person. Caught disease and went gremlin. Had to be destroyed.
* ''Exsirar'' - Mortal general planning assault on Gem until his death from the disease.
* ''Golden Venna Boar-Rider'' - Outcaste terrestrial, captured and now abandoned to the Reaches. Fire aspect. Lusty, rebellious and insane, but protecting her part of the Reaches from disease.
** [[Synergistically Industrious Combine]] - linked group, sent to mine.
*** [[Stunningly Old Soul]]
*** [[Blessedly Stalwart Hammer]]
*** [[Asymmetrically Growing Crystal]]
*** [[Silently Flowing Ore]]
*** [[Unapproachably Bright Glow]]
** Flawlessly Wrathful Sunrise - Leader of scouting party found by Juuken
** Darkly Fluttering Eyes - Other scouting party leader. Sunrises mistakes Juuken for her.
== Scenes ==
=== Fight aftermath ===
* Reveal Jukken. Figure out a way to join up.
* Disposition of artifacts.
* Workers in mine all slaves. Some probably have heard of Ten Stripes tribe and would know a vague location.
* Orichalcum being produced. Have hover truck into which they are slowly loading it. Some slaves know that three other such trucks went back a while ago, loaded with the workstriders, slaves from Kardak's home and orichalcum.
* Know the names of Synergistically Industrious Combine and what their mission was. Know of slaughter of previous expedition (led by Darkly Fluttering Eyes).
=== Ten Stripes tribe ===
* Tiger beastmen.
* Saw Ten Stripes make an honorable pact with ''Blossom'', who then went back on his work and killed her.
* They buried her body, and pray to luna for guidance. They will look to Guen first and other later.
* Guen could get creative here and adopt the tribe somehow.
* Tribe knows where the head of Ot is.
=== Getting in ===
* Ruined camp around Ot's head.
* Weird creatures that approach to closely get fried by Ot.
* Jukken has the souls, which will let Ot open. He'll refuse entry from the "soulless", though, demanding proof that they have souls (anima).
* It is a little distracted, with long pauses and some static in his speech.
=== Inside ===
* Give notes to people.
* Main entry hall a shambles. Abandoned gear everywhere. Three trucks with the loot from mine just abandoned still loaded.
* Sterile, mechanical and weird.
* Doors with big scary stripes on them saying "quarantine", some broken.
* Occasional people roaming for food.
* Deeper in, rooms with dead or dying
=== Reunion I ===
* Find section with Regret. Process in convincing doors to be opened, but eventually are.
* Introduce main characters.
* Regret will try to signal that any private conversations are probably monitored.
* Will explain what as been happening, but will talk in code when talking about Meticulous Owl and the artifact he's been using to send dispatches to Lion.
* Whispers and so on no better than Creation.
* Tells about Cruxis. Cruxis has water, and Regret will eventually suggest the PCs use theirs now that they are here.
* Plot exposition of ''Blossom'', possibly.
* Drop hints of closing the seal.
=== Cure ===
* Best bet is Wyr'palja's books. Charm requires him to be out for the duration. Creates a "contagious" cure.
* Cure must reach rest of Yugash, so might need to be snuck into the place, or doors must be forced open, against a population that wants them shut. Communication will help convince some, but there will be holdouts.
=== Reunion II ===
* Meet Cruxis somehow.
* Leading section as god/leader, but keeping people safer than they would be otherwise. Has harem.
* Still pretty brutal conditions.
* Revelation during break: found the pole of smoke.
* Regret "smells" shadowland and freaks. Starts telling people how to get rid of it.
=== Blossom ===
* Might need a side trip to kick his ass.
* Won't be much of a fight with all of the group. Blossom will try to challenge them one at a time.
=== Smoke ===
* To get to pole of smoke, must go into Reaches. Takes a while.
* Some fights with elementals and such.
* Lesser Elemental Dragon of Smoke. Should be scary.
=== Meanwhile ===
* Kerok dies. Succeeded by Piklon, who orders the gate shut, which is done.
* Party stuck.
* Regret realizes shadowlands could offer a way out, if any remain.
* Escape into Labyrinth
* Varden's "anonymous benefactor"
== Player Notes ==
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