Audience With the White Queen

From DivNull RPG


Dramatic Purpose:

Setting: Cyrstal Nest




  • Cave outside of Tiraktou
  • Geode manse
  • Served by a number of Brides of Ahlat and even some bull spirits.
  • Grand entrance, interrupted on recognizing the circle, and vice versa.

The White Queen is receiving backing (including her armor, crown, and knowledge of some sidreal charms) from Sundial. She will never speak of this.

  • Wants report from Juuken about:
    • What happened at Gem
    • The orichalcum mine
  • Brought the people from the manse back to Lush
  • Uses rumors of Ishadhi (the “chosen son of Ahlat”) to her own advantage
  • Has deal with Ahlat to restore his cult to preeminence. Ahlat also figures that success would spread war out of Harborhead in his name, which would be useful in taking over the Goddess of War’s position.
  • Harborhead was on the cusp of becoming a regional empire when conquered by the Realm 400 years ago.
  • Disappearance of the Empress has made local Imperial officials more corrupt
  • Queen might ask about heavy weapons.
  • Dragon-Blooded have six big parties a year, with every terrestrial in Harborhead invited. Eventually, if circle gains control of the Last Supplicant, they might be able to destroy such a party, if a manse near it was also sabotaged to turn it into a demesne.
  • Interested in what the solars are doing. Main concern is that solars don’t step on each other’s toes, but also wants coordinated action when possible.
  • Wants to kick the realm out Harborhead
  • Scent of Kerin/Husk? Tracks to room last occupied by a man named Ongenwahl (actually Kerin/Husk transformed by charms). The White Queen will claim that the man was a solar who agreed to help the cause, on the condition that slavery be abolished in Harborhead should the revolution succeed.
  • Has been contacted by Chiaroscuro, but doesn’t trust their intentions. This is mostly due to instructions from Husk, as Sundial does not trust the Cult of the Illuminated, who are the power behind the throne in Chiaroscuro.

Aspects: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Plush Cave