Archipelago Conundrum

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On a ship, probably. Many of the characters will have been manipulated in various ways by the main NPC to board the ship for a meeting on a western island. The scenario deals only with the journey, however.


Characters are tough, as they need to work without knowing how many people might be playing.

Player Characters[edit]

Non-Player Characters[edit]



  • 15-30 min.
  • Introductions. Ask about previous games played.
  • Great setting, average mechanics.
  • History
    • Primordials
    • Creation
    • Gods
    • Exalted
    • War
    • First Age
    • Usurpation
    • Empire
    • Now (disappearance, wyld hunt fading, etc.)
  • Describe demo
    • Not the best role-playing experience
    • On a ship
    • Two combats, one simple, one more Exalted-like
  • Pass out sheets
    • History more for flavor
    • Attributes and Abilities
    • Basic Attribute + Ability mechanic
    • Static Value mechanic
    • Other parts can wait
  • Stunts
    • Bend rules
    • Control of set
    • Numeric gains (dice, motes, willpower)
  • Rest of sheet
    • Willpower and motes
    • Charms
    • Peripheral vs. Personal


  • Ship (describe)
  • Jade rings
  • Captain
  • Elemental creating wind

First Combat[edit]

  • Artificial constraint: Personal essence only.
  • Elemental killed, screams alert everyone.
  • Join Battle
  • Vapor sharks materialize.
  • Try to attack jade rings.
  • One per character, plus two.

Second Combat[edit]

  • Night. Ship lifted in air.
  • Join Battle
  • A few rounds to allow people to power up. All essence available.
  • Vapolisti materializes saying “Now, to feed.”
  • Opens with mental attack.
  • To move, everyone must flurry a Dex + Athletics action, unless they have suitable charms or Athletics ●●● or greater.
  • Physical actions at -2 success, from the darkness, mist and flowing water