Alabaster Casket

From DivNull RPG

An earth-aspected Casket of Firedust Conversion inlaid with shining white jade in geometric patterns resembling mountains, that turns firedust into stonedust.

Without mote[edit]

A firewand with stonedust in it fires a cascade of crystal shards. These inflict base 8 dice of lethal damage. In addition, the shards stick in anyone they hit, forcing the target to immediately make a Stamina + Resistance roll, difficulty 3. If she fails, she immediately loses one dot of Dexterity until the end of the scene, as a slow paralysis seeps out from the shards and grips her limbs. This Dexterity loss stacks with multiple uses, and a target reduced to 0 Dexterity is fully paralyzed and can take no actions until the scene ends, although she can still speak (albeit in a slurred and inefficient fashion) and move her eyes, etc.

With mote[edit]

The crystal shards are magically hard and sharp, inflicting base 12 dice of lethal damage. The target, if hit, immediately makes a Stamina + Resistance roll, difficulty 3, and if she fails, she is paralyzed: her skin takes on a greyish, granite-y sort of cast, and she cannot take any actions, speak or otherwise move a single muscle until the end of the scene.