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Exalted Type: Abyssal
Cost: 1m per die
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Ability: 1
Minimum Essence: 1
Prerequisite Charms: none

This is a set of 25 different charms, one for each ability. The charm for each ability must be learned separately. It may be activated when an opponent uses a dice pool containing that ability. For each mote the abyssal spends, the target's dice pool is reduced by one. This effect is applied after any charms or other effects that the target might use to increase their own pool. This charm cannot reduce the number of dice in a pool to below the target's Essence rating.

Note that some abyssal charm trees have charms like this in them already (e.g. Mungry Missile Technique for the Thrown ability), but most do not. In cases where such charms already exist, this charm is considered to be synonymous.