Wailing Rain

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Cost at Creation: 4 freebie points
Experience Cost: 10 xp
Traiing Time, Favored w/ Teacher: 13 days
Traiing Time, Unfavored w/ Teacher: 18 days
Traiing Time, Favored, No Teacher: 39 days
Traiing Time, Unfavored, No Teacher: 54 days
Casting Cost: 1 willpower + (2 motes + 1 mote per 2 damage + 1 mote per attack die + 3 motes per duplicate) for each attack
Combined Charms: Wise Arrow, Fiery Arrow Attack, Dazzling Flare Attack, Rain of Feathered Death

The arrow hisses as the archer draws it back, exploding into numerous white darts of fire that emit a keening wail as they rain down on the target.

Each Archery attack you make this round costs 2m, which adds Essence to its damage and provides an extra attack die. In addition, you may spend 1m each to add additional dice (you must spend at least one mote this way and may not have more than double your Dexterity + Archery in your pool). You may spend 1m to add two more to the attack's damage (you must spend at least one mote this way but may not spend more than Essence motes like this). Lastly, you may spend 3m each to form duplicate arrows for the attack (you must buy at least one duplicate, but cannot create more than your Essence score). One attack roll is made for all duplicates, but they do damage separately.

So, when used at minimum, each attack costs 7m (plus the willpower to activate the combo for the turn). At this level, attacks would gain two attack dice, add Essence + 2 to damage and deal damage twice.

If someone with Dex 5, Archery 5 and Essence 4 spent as much as possible on a single attack, the attack would cost 27m + 1wp. The attack would use 10 extra dice, deal +12L damage and would deal damage five times.