Undisturbed Bath of Conscience vision

From DivNull RPG

A vision Stag saw when atuning to Undisturbed Bath of Conscience:

You are in an ornate bedroom, woken from abruptly from sleep by sounds outside your door. You move from your bed, grabbing an intricately carved staff from under your bed, when the door burst open. Faster than you can follow, the room is filled with oddly beautiful but undeniably malevolent people. (The attuner recognizes these creatures as the Fair Folk that were running the town.) The most evil looking of them sidesteps your blow and runs a razor thin, almost dainty, blade through your neck. As your head falls to the floor, you see the creature grab the amulet that had been around your neck and crush it in his bare hands. The magic from the stone in the amulet crackles and fades, and you can feel the connection to the manse beneath you fade along with your life.