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There's a younger serving wench who's not so… endearing.
- Jeff

You go into the basement where you are summarily boxed.
- Jeff

Now which one's the captain?
- Kheizget (Don)

In addition to which it's kind of a nasty thing to do.
- Fenris (Jeff)

Don: House of Usher? House of pancakes?
Jeff: House of pain.

Thank you for sharing this. It will not ease the pain any, but…
- Kheizget (Don)

I'm running out of cookware!
- Tortuga (Jeff)

I've never really had cause to use them sir.
- Farmer, on snails

Kheizget (Don): I'm having fun. Besides, I'm going to serve Tortuga snails tomorrow.
Duan (Jeff): (to farmers) Are you sure you haven't seen any snails?

I will cut out your eye if you wish me to. (Drawing knife) Would you like to be conscious for this?
- Kheizget (Don)

My god. He has a very small brain.
- Kheizget (Don)

Um… your short foray into philosophy met with much frustration.
- Jeff

So I should go to the university to find out why I shouldn't go there?
- farm kid (Jeff)

For all I know, you are just a loudmouthed peice of metal.
- Kheizget (Don)

See, with that look on your face, I cannot believe you.
- Kheizget (Don)

Oh great. It's Jane Goodall and Geeks in the Mist.
- Don

Yes it was a learning experience. We'll have to bring all of Thorn next time we go gambling.
- Kheizget (Don)

Why don't we just call you Bob?
- MacBride (Rob)

Q.E.D. ... What is that?
- Kheizget (Don)

Have you guys ever looked at paint? I mean really, really looked at paint?
- Adam

Prayer is just an internal monologue upon which you force the properties of a dialog.
- Jeff

Iadra starts doing a softshoe over the burning corpse of a sailor. It is a vaguely macabre scene.
- Jeff

Not you. Shut up.
- Iadra (Eva)

I wonder what she looks like. I bet she looks just like me.
- Iadra (Eva), pondering her goddess's appearance

You don't need to fight anymore. You're better than that goat.
- Zem (Adam)

Iadra: I'm imagining a featureless blue sphere.
Zem (Adam) & Tanador (Les): Isn't blue a feature?

Uhh, could I have my book back?
- Iadra (Eva), to a guy who's horse Tanador just threatened to kill.

If this is about mitosis, I'm going to hurt you.
- Adam

I don't think that would work.
- MacBride (Rob)

Ummm… I don't think.
- MacBride (Rob)

I feel dirty.
- The Sword of Justice (Jeff)

I'm not checking the goat for evil.
- Bron (Seth)

Anything that's little and round, I guess.
- Eva

There's a very nasty goat.
- The Sword of Justice (Jeff)

Because I don't know how well you would stand up to torture, I can't tell you some things.
- Zem (Adam)

Seth: And I thought you didn't want the responsibility.
Eva: Power's different.

I explained to them, well, their luck was terrible, but it had to happen to somebody.
- Brassard (Jeff)

The goddess has been kind to me in giving me favors of unknown origin.
- Iadra