Thorn Chronology

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0470 GY   Paintings and poems indicate the presence of Nyissans as far north as Orrim.
0600 GY Orrite tribal wars begin.
0790 GY Orrite tribal dynasties form.
0955 GY The first of the Orrite Emperors declares the dominance of the Empire of Orrim.
0980 GY Approximate time of the rule of Emperor Aladain.
1100 GY The general time that the Maran Cadax is thought to have been penned.
1103 GY Orrite borders expanded into the south. Expedition into Harrken Mountains fails.
1150 GY The first recorded occurrences of Nyissan Assassins being employed throughout Dalendan royal society as spies and killers.
1200 GY Believed to be the approximate time that it became known that Nyissan priests were practicing widespread human sacrifice. Nyissa is no longer favored as a trade partner anywhere, and a black market for poisons and narcotics comes into being.
1230 GY Lassadinya becomes first neutral trade port, even allowing Nyissans.
1350 GY The Orrites cut great swaths of the Lelldonis forest for farmland.
1380 GY Believed to be the approximate time that the Nyissan "Prophesy of the Guardian" is written.
1402 GY The Nyissans invade Lasadinya.
1410 GY Actaeon takes power in Dalenden at 21, and goes to Lasadinya, forming the academy at Myrmidos with the Lasadinyan prefect.
1413 GY Actaeon invades Nyissa.
1418 GY The Nyissan invasion is declared a success, and Actaeon returns to Dalenden, forming the society of men known as the Grangers, a prestigious organization for great men of letters, law, poetry and prodigy to this day.
1423 GY Actaeon establishes the Senate; he abdicates down to Senator status.
1424 GY Actaeon invades Orrim, and turns on Asturia.