The Hydra Watches

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Cost at Creation: 6 freebie points
Experience Cost: 21 xp
Traiing Time, Favored w/ Teacher: 24 days
Traiing Time, Unfavored w/ Teacher: 34 days
Traiing Time, Favored, No Teacher: 72 days
Traiing Time, Unfavored, No Teacher: 102 days
Casting Cost: 6 motes + 1 willpower
Combined Charms: Striking Serpent Speed, Snake Strikes the Heel, Adamant Skin Technique, Essence-Gathering Temper, Willpower-Enhancing Spirit and Iron Skin Concentration

A reptilian green glow undulates from the exalts arms and body and begins to vibrate, making a distinct snake-rattle sound.

Roll Martial Arts. For each success, take an extra action this round. You may not split your pool. If you are attacked, you may reflexively do any or all of the following:

  • before damage is rolled, spend 4 motes to counterattack at with a pool equal to Martial Arts + the number of attackers extra successes.
  • before damage is rolled, spend 5 motes, 1 willpower and 1 health level to perfectly soak all damage from the attack.
  • before damage is rolled, spend 1 mote to roll a number of dice equal to pre-soak damage and, for each success, gain Essence motes (no more than Stamina successes may be used for each invocation).
  • when taking damage, spend 3 motes to roll a die for each health level taken and gain a point of willpower for each success.
  • before damage is rolled, spend 3 motes to reduce the number of damage dice to the attacker's Essence.