Synergistically Industrious Combine

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The Synergistically Industrious Combine is a hive mind comprised of five jade caste alchemical exalted, joined together into a single consciousness. Combine started as experiment in creating alchemicals, intent on proving that a collective being with many bodies but one mind was a more effective, flexible and efficient use of resources than cultivating municipal sized alchemicals.


Component Alchemicals

Combine is composed of five different alchemical bodies, all constructed with a unique connection into a greater whole. This is built into the center of their being, and cannot be removed or replaced. The five work as independent exalts, with the following exceptions:

  • They gain the benefit of Perfection of Assembly without needing to install it. This works only with each other and cannot be changed. This allows them to know each others status and location as well as share thoughts.
  • Each member of the group can pay 5 motes to harmonize on an extended action, similarly to the Optimized Component Integration Protocol, each gaining a die on action rolls for each other participant.
  • Each gains the ability to reflexively transfer motes from his peripheral pool into a peripheral pool of another part of the Combine (within 50 yards). This cannot increase the maximum size of the target pool, and has a visible effect, like lightning shooting from one to another.

The members of the Combine are all young jade caste alchemicals, one based on each color of jade and contributing a different set of skills to the whole.

Stunningly Old Soul

Blue jade, thrown. The thinker of Synergistically Industrious Combine.

Blessedly Stalwart Hammer

White jade. Earth. The perceptive member of Synergistically Industrious Combine.

Asymmetrically Growing Crystal

Red jade. Fire. The "face" of Synergistically Industrious Combine.

Silently Flowing Ore

Black jade, water. The analytical mind of Synergistically Industrious Combine.

Unapproachably Bright Glow

Green jade. Wood. The mobility of Synergistically Industrious Combine.


Phase Two

The next phase of the experiment is targeted at finding ways to increase the Essence of the collective as a whole, without increasing the size of its members. The idea is to keep the members more intimately connected with humanity, and growing the collective as a whole rather than the bodies of its members. Thus far, very little progress has been made towards this phase.


A special section of Yugash's vats are reserved for the Combine, dedicated toward monitoring and maintaining their hive mind as well as the more standard business of alchemical maintenance. This acts as a Vats ●●●●● background for the Combine as a whole, with the groups needs met before those of its individual members.

The Combine also has a dedicated mortal crew, divided into technicians and laborers. It can also call on the following gear:

  • Portable Nutriment Recycling Engine
  • Industrial Exoskeletons (x5), often used by the mortal crew
  • Environmental protection gear (again mostly for the mortals)
  • Respirator modules
  • Courier Drone
  • Aerial Skiff

Collectively the Combine possesses a large panoply of charms. The vast majority of these are installed in the five alchemicals most of the time. As noted above, each member of the Combine is suited to particular roles, so tend to be assigned the same charms constantly, but charms are sometimes swapped between members.

  • Accelerated Response System
  • Aegis Integration System (x2)
  • Aim-Calibrating Sensors
  • Alloyed Reinforcement of Flesh (x2)
  • Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit (x5)
  • Celerity Enabling Module
  • Chemical Analysis System
  • Cross-Phase Scanner
  • Crystal-Inured Frame
  • Dynamic Reaction Enhancement System
  • Electrification Onslaught Dynamo
  • Essence Pulse Cannon
  • Incomparable Efficiency Upgrade
  • Lightning-Inured Frame
  • Mobile Sensory Drone
  • Oil-Inured Frame
  • Omnitool Implant (x5)
  • Optical Enhancement
  • Pain Suppression Nodes (x3)
  • Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device
  • Pattern Facilitation Module
  • Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus
  • Polymodal Joint Bearings
  • Steam-Inured Frame
  • Strain Resistant Chassis Modification (x10)
  • Subcutaneous Armor Plating (x10)
  • Sustained Augmentation of Stamina (x5)
  • Sustained Augmentation of Wits (x5)
  • Synaptic Acceleration Node (x2)
  • Toxicity Filtration Subsystems (x5)
  • Transitory Augmentation of Charisma
  • Transitory Augmentation of Dexterity (x2)
  • Transitory Augmentation of Perception
  • Transitory Augmentation of Strength (x3)
  • Transphase Engine
  • Array: Abstract Abacus Implant, Technological Analysis Engrams, Transitory Augmentation of Intelligence, Transitory Augmentation of Perception
  • Array: Aim-Calibrating Sensors, Interceptor Spark Emitter, Transitory Augmentation of Dexterity, Accelerated Response System
  • Array: Transmodal Rapid Targeting System, Aim-Calibrating Sensors, Transitory Augmentation of Dexterity, Accelerated Response System