Sulman Letter

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My Dear Sulman,

You have done well, and I hereby promote you to High Priest of the Second Circle. There is a sum of gold waiting for you in the hands of Andover Potbello in New Sorpigal that he will turn over to you if you tell him the Sandman sent you and show him the Seal on this letter. Sandman...I like that.

The handling of the Roland affair was masterful, and I especially like the snowstorm touch—it really put the Fear in him, didn't it? Superstitious fool! His removal has moved our timetable ahead by at least two years and has spared us the trouble of assassinating him at a more delicate time. All arrangements are in place.

My minions have engineered the recall of Queen Catherine to her homeland in Erathia to attend the funeral of her father. She will not return this year, and that only leaves her worthless brat Nicolai and that idiot Regent Wilbur Humphrey running things at the palace.

The people have begun to sense that something is wrong, that perhaps the gods are angry. That perhaps...the Ironfists have lost the Mandate of Heaven. Just a few more disasters and there may be full scale rebellion!

And we will be waiting at the breech, ready to step in and tell the sheep what to do and when to do it. Already our temples are spread across the land, offering aid to those displaced by disasters, and comfort to the bereaved...

Yes. Remain in New Sorpigal and remain out of sight. When the time is right you will be contacted and given further instructions. So take heart, and know that our plan proceeds smoothly and we will be ruling this world soon. Your position in our hierarchy will be very high!

-- Zenofex