Streets of Glass

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Dramatic Purpose: Action. Also a possible reveal about the Eye.

Metagaming Purpose: Revisiting some old villans

Setting: Within the City of Glass

Order: After Approaching the Glass City

Principals: Mnemon Marbado, Mnemon Caras Para, mortal soldiers, glass beasts

Specifics: City made of actual glass (no magical hardening).

The glass beasts have veins of steel, and are twice as large as normal creatures. Explode when killed.

When glass beasts are killed, a Perception + Occult (3) test will notice that all the shards point in the same direction (towards the eye).

Mnemon wants the Eye of Autochthon.

Aspects: Bull in a China Shop

Variations: Will the circle suddenly "team up" with the DBs?

Outcome: Booty includes Marbado's hearthblade


Field Testing: