Soul Mirror: Memory Gems

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The gemstones containing the memories of Soul Mirror's location were scattered by the terrestrials just prior to the Lover's vengeance. Sundial has determined that the gems were both sapphires, containing five points of light glowing from within. They have spent a good deal of effort tracking down the whereabouts of gems that match this description. So far, they've uncovered four leads:

  • The most promising is a visual sighting by a mortal agent of a sapphire with five glowing points inside in the possession of Peleps Java, an unexalted member of a dynastic family living in Chiaroscuro. The circle has been informed of this one, and eventually recovered it.
  • One of Sundial's teams recovered a sapphire with five internal lights in Gethamane, but chose to flee into the underways to avoid capture. Once there, the party was savaged by creatures of some kind, with only one making out alive. The gem, however, was carried off along with the body of the man who was carrying it.
  • A sapphire with glowing points is said to be in the possession of Nefvarin Alixa, scion of a minor house of terrestrials in Lookshy, though this as never been confirmed.
  • A reference to a gem that meets the description was found in a family will, but the disposition of the will is unclear, as family in-fighting claimed the lives of most involved. It is thought that the gem most likely returned to the Blessed Isle with one of the survivors, but this could not be tracked.

Upon arriving in the Lap, the circle spotted a terrestrial who turned out to be Peleps Trinarin wearing a sapphire with five glowing lights within as they were stepping onto the docks. They eventually stole this necklace, but are not sure if it actually contains memories.

The circle eventually tracked down this proper stones and, mixed with some other magic extracted a vision from them revealing the exact location of the sword.