Shaping the Silver Skin

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Exalted Type: Lunar
Cost: Special
Duration: Permanent
Type: Special
Minimum Manipulation: 3
Minimum Essence: 1
Prerequisite Charms: Masking the Brilliant Form

Moonsilver armor normally changes shape to match the form of a lunar (Lunars, pg 96). This charm allows the lunar to take this one step further and actually incorporate attuned moonsilver armor into any of her forms. This provides the Lunar with the benefit of the armor in both beast and beastman forms, but without any visible sign of the armor's presence. In addition, because the armor is incorporated into the skin of the form, it may be used with charms that do not normally allow the use of armor. This armor may still be bypassed, however, by charms that explicitly penetrate or ignore armor (e.g. Armor-Penetrating Fang Strike).

Once learned, this Charm permanently extends the Lunar's abilities, allowing this effect to be used with any shapeshifting Charm. However, using this ability increases the cost of the shapeshifting Charm by one mote for each dot of the armor's Artifact rating. The Lunar may choose to avoid using this effect when shapechanging. Those observing the lunar while this effect is active may notice that something is slightly off about him, treating his Tell as if it were one level higher when in animal or beastman form. In human form, however, the effect is much more obvious to other humans, treating the Tell as if it were three levels higher. If the Tell is increased beyond 5, Masking the Brilliant Form can no longer supress it.

Magical sight can detect the presence of the armor with a difficulty of 3.

Lunars may not use this effect on armor with an artifact rating higher than their permanent Essence. This effect may only be used on moonsilver armor attuned to the lunar. Members of the eclipse or moonshadow caste may not learn this charm, for it draws on a natural power of the lunar exalted that solars cannot master or emulate.