Ride the Wind's Breath

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Cost: 3 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Min. Martial Arts: 4 Min. Essence: 3
Style and Source: White Crane Style by Quendalon
Prereqs: Lofty Perch Stance

As the rising crane's wings catch hold of the wind, so does the character seize hold of the flows of ambient Essence. She becomes as light as a feather until she touches the ground once more. The effect lasts but a moment, but it is enough to land safely from a fall of any distance.

The character drifts downward at walking speed, and while her arms must be free, she may use them to attack or take other actions while falling. For example, she may jump into the air, invoke this Charm at the apex of the jump, and fire arrows at her leisure as she drifts slowly downward toward her opponents. In addition, she may attempt to glide along with winds and updrafts; each turn she does so, she must reactivate the Charm and make a successful Dexterity + Athletics roll each turn at difficulty 2.

If used in combat in response to an opponent's attack, the character adds her permanent Essence score to her bashing soak and cannot be knocked down by the attack. If knocked back, the character travels twice the indicated distance but takes no damage as a result.