Remnant crown

From DivNull RPG

The remnant crown is an unremarkable-looking, battered crown made of tarnished brass. It's origins are unclear but, as it was stored in the outer vaults of the Banewarrens, likely to be ancient. Having been stored for centuries in the osseous redoubt, it may have some connection to that item.

When worn by a non-chaotic character, the crown deals 2d6 force damage per round until removed (Fort save (DC 20) for half damage), though this damage is completely ignored if the character is protected from chaos.

If the wearer has any type damage reduction, the crown adds an "and lawful" rider to the types of damage required to penetrate it. For example, an existing DR 10/magic becomes DR/10 magic and lawful, so only lawfully aligned magic weapons get around it. If the wearer has no existing damage reduction, they gain DR 5/lawful.

Three times per day, the wearer may apply any metamagic feat they know to a Necromancy spell of 3rd level or lower they cast, without paying the spell level surcharge to do so.

As a full action, the wearer may place a brand on an undead target within 10', even if the target is non-corporeal. If the target is controlled by the wearer, they get no save. Otherwise, they may make a Fort save (DC 10+half wearers hit dice+CHA) to resist the branding. Branded undead fall under the control of the wearer, but do not count against any HD limits for controlling undead. They also gain the Crownbranded template as long as the brand remains. While the brand is in place, if the undead is destroyed, the wearer automatically takes 1d4 points of damage, so branding large numbers of undead with this ability can backfire if they all get taken out with, say, a single positive energy channel. Otherwise, there is no practical limit to how many targets can be branded.

The wearer may remove the brand at any time by taking a standard action to disavow the branded undead, no matter where the undead actually is. This deals 6d6 points of damage to the undead, and permanently releases the undead from the wearer's control (control can never be reestablished).

Aura strong necromancy; CL 18th
Slot head; Price 28,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.