Regrettable Evacuation Curse

From DivNull RPG

Samadhi Circle Spell
Artifact: ●●●●
Cup-shaping weapon: Speed +0, Accuracy -2, Damage +9, Defense +6, Rate 3, may be readied reflexively.
Commitment: 12 motes
Casting Cost: 25 motes, 2 gossamer
Mutations: Assumption of the Living Kingdom (6), Mad God Mien (2), Abandoned by All Creatures Curse (9), Ordinary Object Conjuration (1)

Visible only when used, this artifact appears as swirling disk of orange light about the size of a target shield. Close examination reveals it to be a cluster of thousands of tiny lights, swirling in tight formation, which can be used to block incoming shaping attacks. As a weapon, it attacks less well, but when brought to bear, the lights separate to infect the target.

When cast as a spell, the lights separate and grow, swarming over a large city or inhabited area of up to 100,000 people. Extremely disturbing to the inhabitants, the lights will persist, causing all in the area to abandon the area. This takes place over several days and is reasonably orderly, people drifting away in small groups. For a year and a day, the lights remain, discouraging any from returning. Those who have Wits + Essence greater than the caster's Stealth are immune to this work of glamour.

During every scene in which the spell is in effect, a section of stone wall up to 100 cubic yards appears within the area, usually slowly building a ring around the perimeter.