Quickening the Shaped Essence

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Cost: none
Duration: Permanent
Type: Permanent
Minimum Martial Arts: 4
Minimum Essence: 3
Style and Source: Wolf and Raven Style by Mapache & TonyC
Prerequisite Charms: Raven Form

Careful study and precise manipulation of Essence allow familiar magics to be performed astoundingly quickly. When buying this charm, the martial artist selects a spell. From then on, when casting that spell, she may spend 5 additional motes to reduce the number of turns needed to shape that spell by one. This means that a Solar Circle spell takes two turns instead of three, and a Terrestrial spell would be cast instantly. Spells that take more or less time that standard (such as Countermagic spells or Demon Summoning rituals) cannot be altered by this charm.

The martial artist may learn this charm multiple times, choosing a different spell each time.