Mute Sentinel

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Mute sentinels act as guards within Kinaniz. Each is a one-dot behemoth maintained by the the Tribute Bird from whose Sword grace it was formed and whose elemental aspect they carry as well. These behemoths number in the thousands within Kinaniz and will obey any of the guiding intelligences. Sentinels never make any noise, but the Tribute Bird maintaining them will know if they are hurt.

Used as Sword-shaping weapons, sentinels have statistics of Speed +1, Accuracy +1, Damage +4, Defense +2 and Rate 2. Each sentinel has the stats of the Tribute Bird that controls it, modified by nine points of mutations:

  • Knife-Hand Dream (1): Allows lethal attacks and lethal parries bare-handed.
  • Armament of Flesh (2): Natural weapon: Speed -3, Accuracy +1, Damage +4L, Defense +1 and Rate 4.
  • Other mutations based on their element.


Air sentinels resemble large clusters of wings that change color, claws and eyes.

  • Affliction: Chameleon (2): Add three dice to visual Stealth rolls and one to Survival rolls.
  • Gossamer Wing Flight x2 (4): Fly at normal walking speed without penalty


Earth sentinels resemble large lizards made of rock crystal with nasty-looking teeth.

  • Affliction: Huge (2): +2 Strength, +2 Stamina, add -0/-1 to health levels. 50% size increase.
  • Affliction: Thick Skin (2): +3B/+3L to soak. +4 Survival dice.
  • Affliction: Tough (2): +2 Strength, +1 Stamina, add -1/-2/-2 to health levels. Soak lethal damage with full Stamina.


Fire sentinels resemble white hounds with flaming eyes and smoke for tails.

  • Abomination: Dragon's Breath (6): Spends 1wp to spit fire up to 10 yards away as a ranged attack (Accuracy +1, Damage (Ess+2*Sta)L, Rate 1/2).


Water sentinels resemble dog-sized frogs with liquid skin and sharp claws.

  • Affliction: Frog's Tongue: Make clinch attacks at up to three yards. +2 Dex to such attacks, +2 to strength for maintaining holds.
  • Affliction: Tough (2): +2 Strength, +1 Stamina, add -1/-2/-2 to health levels. Soak lethal damage with full Stamina.
  • Affliction: Webbing: For 1wp/scene, spit a sticky saliva (Accuracy +1, Rate 1, Range 10) that entangles on a hit (as clinch with 8 dice). Can also build webs (8B/4L soak, 4 health) or ropes.


Wood sentinels resemble octopi made from rose brambles, with a flowery mass in the center of eight flowing, barbed tendrils.

  • Affliction: Toxin (2): Attacks deliver equivalent of Difficulty 3, Success 2L, Failure 4L, Duration/Penalty 2 hours/-3.
  • Grace of Infinite Revolving Spheres (4): First five actions in a turn suffer no multiple action penalties.